Numark DJ2GO2 Touch Mapping

Hi there,

I got a Numark DJ2GO2 Touch yesterday and adapted the DJ2GO2 mapping from Kafuzke to get the scratching functionality working.

attached to this message is a .zip file with the .xml and .js files to put in your Mixxx controllers folder. (2.81 KB)

Thanks so much for doing this!

Two things:

  1. After moving the pitch fader for the first time after Mixxx is launched, it defaults to -0.16 when the physical fader is in the middle. Is there a way to calibrate this so that the pitch is at 0.00 when the fader is in the middle position?

  2. Is there a way to reverse the + and - directions of the pitch fader so that the pitch fader direction matches the + and - markings on the device?

About point 2, you can change the slider direction that Mixxx uses on the preferences, decks section (It’s a checkbox on the right).

About point 1, I haven’t checked the mapping. It could be a rounding on the script. Also, it might happen that changing the direction setting, it would fix for you.

Thanks for the advice! That setting is useful. Unfortunately it doesn’t help with the centre position issue, it just means it goes to +0.16 instead of -0.16.

You could try modifying the two “rate” controls on the xml like this:
(search for rate )


And adding the following to the javascript file:

NumarkDJ2Go2Touch.deckRate= function(midichan, control, value, status, group) {
engine.setValue(group, “rate”, script.midiPitch(0,value, 0xE0));

If this makes the control move in the opposite direction than what you want ( the correct direction is the same direction than the user interface), then change the javascript function to this:

engine.setValue(group, “rate”, -script.midiPitch(0,value, 0xE0));

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Hi and thank you all for the mapping. I’ve just received my new DJ2Go2 Touch and I’m already playing with it, really good fun.

Anyway, I’m using Mixxx 2.2.3 on macOS Catalina and I was also noticing the pitch fader issues, I implemented JosepMa’a recommendations and they fixed those issues for me. I’ve also made the whole thing available on GitHub (after a little bit of JavaScript refactoring too that made the code more concise): … ch-mapping

I also took the chance to update the Wiki page ( adding that’s been tested on macOS too and it works great

I get this error: [see image]

EDIT: The error doesn’t come up now after pressing retry the first time. The pitch fader problem is fixed. Thanks guys!

EDIT 2: I made the following change to the .js file downloaded from GitHub because the on-screen fader was moving in the opposite direction (visually) to the physical one. However the fader range is now -10 to +9.84.

EDIT 3: The tops of the jogwheels now perform the nudge function instead of scratching??

Thanks a lot!

For the records, I’ve tried to follow the suggestion from this wiki article and send a status dump when initialized but unfortunately it doesn’t work for me.

A quick update to let you know I’ve also added a missing feature to the mapping, now the “Browse” knob selects the focused link when clicked (e.g: clicking while on “Crates” will show the crates, then turning the knob, selecting one crate and clicking again will focus on the selected crate track list, etcf) … ch-mapping

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Just a quick update about the mapping: I’ve been using it with both current 2.3 beta and nightly builds and it’s working like a charm (and I’m having a lot of fun indeed).

While practicing transitions I’ve noticed that I basically never use the pregain knobs (labeled as Level on the controller) and I turn to the mouse to tinker with the Quick Effect Super Knobs, so I’ve edited the mapping to use the Level knobs as Quick Effect Super Knobs instead.

The updated mapping is available on the same repository (for future reference, the change is tagged as 0.2.0).