Numark Mixdeck Express *UPDATE*

Updated, (moments after my initial post) the scratch button works, the brake button now works, the jog wheels are working nicely, play, cue, reverse, pitch adjustment, loop buttons, directory knobs (almost forgot these), tap, are all mapped and working, I will fix the LED stuff as i go along. (3 updates in an hour! woo! fast project!)

If you try this mapping out please send me some feed back I’d love to hear any that people may have.

NurmarkMixdeckExpressMidi(MIXXX) (2.81 KB)

NEWEST (3.19 KB)

Thanks for working on this. To get this mapping into the next Mixxx release, please open a Pull Request based on the 2.2 branch on github:[]=controller#using_git_with_your_mapping

awesome suggestion thank you very much! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to re-write this, consider this a rough draft but enough to play with the mixdeck. Hammering out a nicer inputhandler type function rather than writing individual trigger functions… I need to keep my code cleaner, it’s operating decently but I can do better than this…

If you’re doing a code cleanup anyway, I strongly suggest to check out the git repository and install our pre-commit hooks. These will point out errors and code style issues that need to be fixed before inclusion in Mixxx. It will also fix some of the problems automatically.

I’ll try to find a place to borrow some wifi, sadly I’m sharing my current work over cell data, i dont have home internet currently. :frowning: git is kinda out of the question for me at the moment so i guess this will stay in a testing phase for a while or become a forum ornament hehe!

I fixed some more stuff today here’s an update. I am going to do a complete re-write once i familiarize myself a bit more…

Fixed a bug in cue button, fixed touch functionality and jog wheels to work properly without the play bugs… Tested more rigorously through use tonight, spent some time juggling tracks and scratching to test it. (3.19 KB)

Ugh I’m a putz! there’s no sense in re-inventing the wheel! I took the mixtrack .js and deleted anything that wasnt useful to the mixdeck then i filled in the blanks on the rest of the controls like brake, reverse, search… much nicer working midi map / js and should pretty much be on par with the mixtrack’s performance now. hehe… I dont think there will be any need to make any further posts unless someone finds an issue.

oh i also mapped out the heads-up display content for the decks they are controlled by on off toggles, sadly i’ve not found a way to send the decks anything like time position or track name.

Also I retained the credits from the mixtrack authors and appended my name on the list of authors as well. Enjoy! tips hat and dips (3.89 KB)

How about some bug fixes and linted js. Now the search and scratch buttons toggle each other on and off so they don’t interfere with one another and various other little fixes I dont really feel like listing. Download: Numark_Mixdeck_Express_V10(bugfixes).zip (4.06 KB)

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Hi, I have the problem with my controller Numark Mixdeck Express, I updated the firmware, I downloaded it from the Numark page, unfortunately the update reversed some buttons, the play button now does the search function, the search button is play, and the pitch+ button is scratch and the scratch is the pitch+

Help me please!

Hi. Is your issue related to this custom mapping? (mapping != firmware)

Firmware is not mapping

okay. in that case you need to look into the mapping files and search for "play" and "position". for testing, swap the attached MIDI values for one channel first. If that’s it, proceed with the other channels.
If your done, it would be nice if you would upload the modified mapping here. add a comment about the firmware version somewhere at the top of the xml file, maybe even into the title that’s displayed in the Mixxx controller preferences, as well as inline at the place you changed.
That will help other users with the same issue.


the firmware is not equal to the mapping, this is the firmware : Numark Knowledge Base - Numark Mixdeck Express - What to do if the display reads 'BOOT NUMARK' , the name of archive firmware is NC17_022.bin ,the file extension is * .bin

my Dj controller was working fine before updating the firmware, here I leave a video where there are several other people with this same problem and we can not find a solution:

the file that is downloaded from the numark official website is corrupted and Numark is not responding.

I hope someone knows the answer and the solution to this problem, thanks for your answers

many thanks

then your request is not at all related to this mapping or Mixxx.
just ask in the Numark forum.

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these mapping is for VDJ?, traktor or Serato Dj?

it’s fo all of them…not!
check to find out in which forum you posted ; )