Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX fader cuts pad help

Good morning everyone! I’m new to the forums and basically joined as I have a question I can’t find the answer to anywhere else on the net.
I’ve used mixxx for many years with an old behringer bcd3000 (always just for fun) and it’s time I treat myself.
I’m liking the look of the Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX, the only thing that is putting me off is the assigned ‘fader cuts’ performance pads. Would this pad function be easy enough to remap and change to a beat roll like most pioneers etc have. Most of my friends have pioneer setups so I like this function and can’t see fader cuts being any use to me atall. The controller just looks so good apart from this one function that I’m hoping will be easy to change in mixxx.
The Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX looks great, it has great features; big jog wheels, effects paddles, lcd display. It’s just that one ‘fader cuts’ ppad. But if I could remap with mixxx successfully I’d buy the controller today! Otherwise I might just give into hype and go with the pioneer ddj 400

IF that function is implemented in the Mixxx mapping like it is in the advertised by Numark (with Serato/VDJ) it can be re-mapped.
Though I don’t see a Platinum FX mapping, just the regular Platinum.
And an open pull request for the Mixtrack Pro FX mapping

Idk how the devices differ, owners may clarify that. Though you could just buy the controller and test how both mappings work with it - Platinum // Pro FX, and just return it if you don’t get it working.

Thanks ronso I think that’s what I’ll do. I was just hoping other users of the numark Mixtrack Platinum FX may have a definite answer

No I don’t think that function can be remapped because it is implemented in a weird way. The controller sends MIDI messages as if the crossfader was moving, so to remap it, you would need to unmap the crossfader. Maybe it could work with some elaborate workaround to ignore the crossfader MIDI messages while the pads are held down, but I am not sure. This is what happens when manufacturers do weird tricks with controller firmware…

oh, okay (not).
so pressing a faderCuts buttons would flick the xfader back and forth N times per second?

if the mapping can track the pad mode (pad mode buttons send distinct signals) the xfader events could be filtered for that mode and used for something else…

regarding the beat loop roll, you could sacrifice another pad mode you don’t necessarily need, like samples, or the loop mode (there’s an auto loop button anyway).

Thanks for the reply that’s very helpful. Looks like I may just got for the pioneers then

Sorry ronso I didn’t see your reply. So it’s just the fader cut pad that would have an issue being mapped to something else? So I could as you say just sacrifice the sample pad selections and replace that with beat rolls?

Probably, yes, can’t imagine they implemented anything fancy for those modes.

What’s your reason to get the Platinum Fx not the Pro FX?
Platinum can switch to decks 3/4 and has jogwheel displays, apart from that they seem identical, no?
If it’s only for the display: Mixxx can not control them, yet.

Yes it was basically just for the display to be honest.

The display on the Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX looks like the same simple display as the original Numark Mixtrack Platinum which has a fully functional Mixxx mapping. Most likely it works the same way and doesn’t require Mixxx to do any graphics rendering, just send it some numeric data via MIDI for the track position/duration. You could combine code from the Numark Mixtrack Platinum mapping for the screens with the (almost completed) Numark Mixtrack Pro FX mapping.

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okay, only shallow knowledge about Numark controllets appearantly, I retreat : )