Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX Mapping


this is my first post since Im really new here. So at first: mixxx is awesome!! I love it.
I’m thinking about buying my first controller and I really like the Numark Mixtrack Platinum. Since there is a newer version, the Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX, I think about buying this one.

Currently there seems to be no mapping available for mixxx. Is it possible that the FX will be supported soon or at least working with basic features (like start/pause playback, jogwheel displays working, cue-point settings) when using a similar models mapping?
I just don’t want to buy an “soon to be outdated” controller…

Thanks in advance!

The FX is similar to the older Platinum, I would try using the Numark Platinum Controller template, that already comes with MixxX.
Connect your Controller (befor you start Mixxx) and see if it is recognized under Mixxx=>Preferences=>Controllers.
If yes, activate it and choose “Numark Platinum” as Template from the Dropdown that will apear.

Basics should work now … for everything special or new, use the midilearn function of Mixxx.

Hope that helps a bit

Thank you LXNDR71! I have ordered the controller and will try it out. I will give you feedback here.

That was my thought at first as well, however, there were several suggestions to base the Platinum FX mapping on the Mixtrack Pro 3 one. Supposedly the only difference is the latter lacks the jogwheel displays. If that’s the case, then I’d definitely go with Pro 3 mapping as the base.

My repo with the mapping:
Exiting the demo mode works, and there are few trivial mappings, but nothing else.

Thanks @istankovic. Exiting the demo-mode now works for me too!

I tried the “Numark MixTrack Pro FX” mapping from @bad1dea5 with the Platinum FX and it really seems to be a good start! A lot of controls are already working. Nice!
The main thing missing for me is the lack of the displays…

my Mixtrack Pro FX works partially with the MIDI mapping of the Mixtrack Platinum only, I am considering replacing it with the Mixtrack Platinum FX, what do you think?
Has anyone tried the Platinum FX with the Platinum mapping and does it also have partial and correct controller operation?
Thank you in advance for your answers :wink: