Numark Mixtrack Platinum Mapping

Does anyone have a mapping for the Numark Mixtrack Platinum? I own the controller and love it, but Serato is garbage. Mixx has always been my favorite.

I don’t think anyone has worked on this mapping. The mixtrack pro 3 mapping may work for the most part and be a good start point for a new mapping as it is a similar device as the Platinum.
Let us know if the MTP3 mapping works on that device

hi. i just bought numark mixtrack platinum but NOTHING is working with mixtrack 3 mapping. i won’t use windows so i need the mapping for platinum. i made some basic functions but i am new at these dj things so i can’t further. i am very good at javascript so i can figure it out if someone helps me.
should i ask to the numark support for the midi mapping codes? or where i can find them?

here is the mapping file i made. you’ll see that none of the midi codes are common. i’d apreciate if someone says which device is the closest to this codes, for a starting point.
MixTrack_Platinum_MIDI_1.midi.xml (21.3 KB)

Great! Mapping documentation is on the wiki. If you want to recycle parts of the Mixtrack 3 mapping, if you’re lucky, it will only be a matter of assigning different MIDI input and output numbers for the JS functions. If you start the mapping from scratch, I’d recommend using the new Components JS library, which is available in alpha builds for Ubuntu or you can compile it yourself. Beta builds for Mixxx 2.1 will be available soon.

Yes, but they might not reply or have them documented. The most important information to get from them would be the MIDI messages to send to control the displays on the jog wheels and query the controller for the position of knobs and faders on startup (not all controllers have a way to do that). If Numark does not help you with these, you’ll have to either guess or intercept the MIDI messages going out of Serato.

thanks “Be.”.
i researched this these days and i think i need further help. this platinum starts with all lights blinking, something like demo (as seen on this video: this is not like on mixtrack3.
i sent many messages to the buttons like "amidi -p hw:3,0,0 -S “BF 00 00"” but can’t have a control to the lights at all.
when serato opens, this mode changes to normal. i logged the usb messages while serato opens. can someone understand what are these? what should i do?

000015: Control Transfer (UP), 2017-02-10 19:17:18.5147295 +0.0008237. (1. Device: USB Input Device) Status: 0x00000000
Pipe Handle: Control Pipe
Setup Packet
21 0A 00 00 03 00 00 00 !..
Recipient: Interface
Request Type: Class
Direction: Host->Device
Request: 0xa (Unknown)
Value: 0x0
Index: 0x3
Length: 0x0

000017: Control Transfer (UP), 2017-02-10 19:17:18.5157322 +0.0009846. (1. Device: USB Input Device) Status: 0x00000000
Pipe Handle: Control Pipe
06 A0 FF 09 01 A1 01 09 02 A1 00 06 A1 FF 09 03 . я…Ў…Ў…Ўя…
09 04 15 18 25 7F 35 00 45 FF 75 08 95 20 81 02 …%5.Eяu.• Ѓ.
09 05 09 06 15 80 25 7F 35 00 45 FF 75 08 95 20 …Ђ%5.Eяu.•
91 02 C0 C0 ‘.АА
Setup Packet
81 06 00 22 03 00 74 00 Ѓ…"…t.
Recipient: Interface
Request Type: Standard
Direction: Device->Host
Request: 0x6 (GET_DESCRIPTOR)
Value: 0x2200
Index: 0x3
Length: 0x74

006778: Bulk or Interrupt Transfer (DOWN), 2017-02-10 19:29:20.7862842 +0.0009958 (1. Device: USB Composite Device)
Pipe Handle: Control PipeSend 0x14 bytes to the device
04 F0 00 01 04 3F 7F 3A 04 60 00 04 04 04 01 00 .р…?:.`…
06 00 F7 00 .ч.

006800: Bulk or Interrupt Transfer (UP), 2017-02-10 19:29:20.7979633 +0.0005725. (1. Device: USB Composite Device) Status: 0x00000000
Pipe Handle: Control PipeGet 0x4 bytes from the device
0B B0 1A 3F .°.

006802: Bulk or Interrupt Transfer (UP), 2017-02-10 19:29:20.7989625 +0.0009841. (1. Device: USB Composite Device) Status: 0x00000000
Pipe Handle: Control PipeGet 0x4 bytes from the device
0B B0 17 3F .°.

006820: Bulk or Interrupt Transfer (DOWN), 2017-02-10 19:29:20.8486630 +0.0053343 (1. Device: USB Composite Device)
Pipe Handle: Control PipeSend 0x4 bytes to the device
09 90 1B 01 .ђ…

006822: Bulk or Interrupt Transfer (DOWN), 2017-02-10 19:29:20.8490404 +0.0000689 (1. Device: USB Composite Device)
Pipe Handle: Control PipeSend 0x4 bytes to the device
09 91 1B 01 .‘…

006824: Bulk or Interrupt Transfer (DOWN), 2017-02-10 19:29:20.8499894 +0.0000426 (1. Device: USB Composite Device)
Pipe Handle: Control PipeSend 0x4 bytes to the device
09 92 1B 01 .’…

006826: Bulk or Interrupt Transfer (DOWN), 2017-02-10 19:29:20.8510463 +0.0000801 (1. Device: USB Composite Device)
Pipe Handle: Control PipeSend 0x4 bytes to the device
09 93 1B 01 .“…

006828: Bulk or Interrupt Transfer (DOWN), 2017-02-10 19:29:20.8520427 +0.0000768 (1. Device: USB Composite Device)
Pipe Handle: Control PipeSend 0x4 bytes to the device
0B BF 44 00 .їD.

006831: Bulk or Interrupt Transfer (DOWN), 2017-02-10 19:29:20.8530733 +0.0000851 (1. Device: USB Composite Device)
Pipe Handle: Control PipeSend 0x4 bytes to the device
0B BF 45 00 .їE.

i saved all the messages, if it helps.
the question is: how can turn off all the lights, or how can have a control to the lights?
the play button on deck1 is: 0x90 0x00, on:7f, off:00
for example, i sent all numbers from 90 00 01 to 90 00 7f but didnt work.

ok i think i found it. i am almost sure that Mixxx should send this package to the Platinum:

RAW DATA: 44 AC 00

Device Object FFFF97875F5DB5E0h
Driver Object hhdusbh64
Request Type Class request to Endpoint
Request 01h
Value 0100h
Index 0001h
Length 0003h

Setup Packet
Offset Field Size Value Description
0 bmRequestType 1 22h
4…0: Recipient …00010 Endpoint
6…5: Type .01… Class
7: Direction 0… Host-to-Device
1 bRequest 1 01h
2 wValue 2 0100h
4 wIndex 2 0001h
6 wLength 2 0003h

i am almost sure because serato sends this at the beginning and sends it again at the closing and the controller turns to demo mode again; but i checked the virtualdj logs and found that vdj sends it at the beginning but not at the end and the controller stays at the normal mode. then i tried to light up the leds and i succeeded (with “amidi” and with javascript).

so please someone tell me how can i send this package, or can i? (sending just midi “44 AC 00” doesnt work). and then i will start this mapping at last.

What program are you using to intercept the signals? Those look like the USB signals, which contain a lot more information than just MIDI. I suggest finding a program specifically for monitoring MIDI messages.

yes they are usb sniffers, because i couldn’t find a just midi listener. tell me if you know any. but it worked and i found even the displays on the jogwheels. first is from

this controller is locked to work only with serato and virtualdj. it won’t work with any other software in near future (or never); softwares should be updated to quit the demo mode, but i think they have to pay to numark for this. don’t waste your time and sell it if you bought it. i am not a dj and i made a mistake (i bought it because it is written “it works with other softwares by making midi mapping” on their site. there are far better choices at same or less price like Gemini G2V, Pioneer SB2 or even RB. i sold this and bought DENON DJ MC4000. i won’t try to unlock it and make a mapping because i lost money and don’t want them to earn money from me. here’s the discussions about this: … -demo-mode … k-platinum

I don’t see any information in those linked threads indicating that this controller can’t be mapped. To the contrary, it is a USB class compliant MIDI device. Perhaps there is a MIDI message that the mapping needs to send it to initialize it. It would just be a matter of intercepting that message from Serato and sending the same message in the init function of the Mixxx mapping.

I think you may have been confused by the statement that Numark has an exclusive agreement with Serato so they can’t provide a mapping for other software. That does not mean that someone else can’t map it to other software.

many people and i asked this to the numark support and they behave like they didn’t hear/understand the real question and answer it like it is a different question. (sorry for my english).

this is not a regular midi message (or mapping). i sent all the codes above with different variations.
ok then, we’ll see.

Numark’s contract with Serato might forbid them from actually answering the question.

It is probably a system exclusive (sysex) message that you need to send.

Which OS are you running Serato on? On Mac you can use MIDI Monitor. On Windows you can use MIDI OX.

hi again Be.
this is not the case. i don’t want to work with a company which don’t want me to be its customer. i could figure it out, i am a software developer but i don’t want to send sex messages to my “controller” to “turn it on” (it should be already turned on). :slight_smile:
currently i am working to map my new, beautiful and far better DENON DJ MC4000, i will publish it here soon; because they even gave the midi codes in user manual.

The Denon MC4000 already has a mapping.

it has error with jogwheel and many buttons don’t work. i’ve already done a better mapping in two days.

Huh? Where did you get the mapping from? Are you using it with Mixxx 2.0 or 2.1 alpha? Please don’t clutter this thread any more and let’s take further discussion about the MC4000 to its thread.

I just got this controller and started mapping it. So far making good progress. I’ll post another update when I have something more concrete, but I believe I can get everything working, including the LCD screens. Stay tuned.

Cool, thanks for working on this.

Update: I’m about 65% done with this. Most of the controls work. Screens work, jog wheels work (there are some issues I may need to work around, will get into that in another post), all 4 decks work, vu meters work. The controller is useable.

I still need to map the effects buttons, figure out what to do with the wheel button (I think I am just going to keep it lit all of the time), map the loop button output LEDs, and complete the startup and shutdown sequence code (right now it just takes the controller out of demo mode, but it needs to init some leds and the screens a little more). I also need to decide whether to make the sync button behave like serato (enable master sync on one press), or like mixxx (hold for master sync).

As for the screens, they are 98% functional. The things that I skipped are the slip mode indicator (I couldn’t figure out how to get mixxx to do slip mode), and the up and down arrows to tell you which direction to move the pitch for beat matching (I may still do these). Everything else works just like in serato.

Anyway, if anyone wants to play with this now, in it’s unfinished state, I can upload it to github. Just let me know.