Numark Mixtrack

In the script function NumarkMixTrack.selectKnob, try changing

engine.setValue(group, "SelectTrackKnob", -value);


engine.setValue(group, "SelectTrackKnob", -value);


I am new to mixxx and I must say its an amazing djing tool. I was wondering if anyone has made any changes to the Mixtrack Mapping?
The reason I am asking is I have come across some issues with scratching and nudging.

Like a previous poster posted, the scratching in Mixxx is not good at all. When using the scratching function, it sounds very artificial.
The other issue was if there was a way to have both the nudge function and scratching function enabled at the same time.

If I were to hold on the top of the jog wheel, it should stop the song. If I press on the outer ring, it should act as a nudge.

Great work again and hope to hear from you guys soon.


Hi there - recently purchased a mixtrack and downloaded the controller mappings off this thread - i’m looking to alter the response of the jog wheels - i know what file to edit and whereabouts but not sure which parameters to alter to get the feel im after. At present when finding the cue point of a track with the track stopped the response of the controller is about the right feel for me if a little ‘slow’ - it does seem to take a while to respond when you change direction (not latency just the feel of the track - almost a little ‘elastic’ if you get me??) However when using the jog wheels during playback (ie when beat mixing) the response of the controller is way too quick - even the slightest movement of the jog wheel speeds or slows the track way too much. I used to own pioneer cdj1000s and a cmx3000 - id like to get a feel similar to the jog wheels on those if at all possible.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


First check the XML file to see if the jog wheel is mapped to one of the fixed “jog”, “wheel”, or “scratch” controls. If not, check the script function it’s mapped to and see if it’s using the engine.scratchTick() function. The wheel touch sensor should be mapped to engine.scratchEnable() on touch and engine.scratchDisable() on release. If not, change it/them to do so. (See the wiki: … scratching )

back on the forum :slight_smile:
For the scratching part, I am using the Mixxx engine.scratchTick(), but not mapped on the touch sensor. I feel that would be inappropriate, as I like to be able to turn the jogs to adjust my tracks while they are playing. However, the scratchEnable() function is mapped to “scratch” button that is located just next to the jogs.

I am not a big scratcher myself, and I thought that was fine… the thing is that on real turntables, you can choose to turn them more or less quickly depending on where you put your hand on the disc… this is unfortunately not possible on this midi controller…

I had a question: I really would like to have the speed a the track to resume its “regular” pitch while playing when my hand leaves a jog, to get the feeling I was having on direct drive turntables for instances. How can I do that ? It seems that the speed resumes slowly to its values… And maybe this is what smokin was referring to when using the term “elastic”
Issuing a engine.setValue(group, “jog”, 0); does not work, jog being an additive value.

Here is my version of Numark Mixtrack layout. It is based on the layout that goes with 1.9.0, so thanks to its author ))
What i have done:

  1. Keylock buttons.
  2. Pitch sliders directions changed.
  3. Selection knob directions changed.
  4. In scratch mode scratching is activated by touching the touchwheel.
  5. Scratch parameters changed. I’m not sure about them, as scratching is not my best, but anyways, for me it’s ok now.
  6. Keylock is automatically switched off when scratching.
  7. Maybe smtn else, i don’t remember ))

Known bugs:

  1. If que (or play) button pressed during scratching then deck hangs.
  2. With keylock on, when i scratch it switches off, and then as i took my fingers off the plate, keylock is switching on immediately. It can cause some weird sounds if the plate turns counterclockwise.

To do:

  1. To fix the bugs ))
  2. I would like cue and play buttons to work as they do on Pioneer turntables: pressing play button when previewing with que button continues playback so i can let my fingers off the buttons. It works the same way in Traktor LE.
  3. I plan to map gain controls to some of FX knobs, as i almost don’t use them to control fx.
  4. I would like to open crates, playlists etc by pressing selection knob.
  5. Maybe smtn else ))

I would like you guys who use Mixtrack to use my layout, to give me some ideas, to change it for your own taste and to repost it here )))
And excuse my english please, it is not my native ))
Numark MIXTRACK (3.83 KB)

Dunno if anyone else was bothered a lot by the browse knob on the Mixtrack failing completely at entering folders in Browse mode in the playlist, and instead acting as another back button, but I made a modification that at least makes it better until a fix can be completed. Its possible that my controller is just broken, but I don’t think so, its pretty new. I’m assuming based on previous posts (that I only kind of understood) that at least one other user was noticing this same issue with their Mixtrack. Apologies for the useless entry if its just me.

Now, pressing your Mixtrack browse knob while highlighting a folder (or parent folder) should enter that folder, not jump you back to the tree on the left. The imperfection is that if you press the knob while highlighting a song, it “LoadSelectedIntoFirstStopped” acts. For me, I just remember not to press if I don’t want that. Also, browse knob press won’t select crates or playlists etc. when back in the tree over there. I never use them anyway, but apologies to those who need them. This is just a fix for those who rely on browsing folders.

I “fixed” it by learning the midi signal for browse knob press through reading the log file in debug mode, locating the corresponding entry in the Mixtrack mapping list in the preferences, failing to manipulate that to any advantage, checking other provided mappings for correct browse knob function with my Mixtrack, then deleting the lame entry from the provided Mixtrack mapping and adding a new entry duplicating the most functional one from the other deck’s mapping. In this case I used the browse knob press mapping from the Ion Discover DJ. The change was to midi note 0x4F which was assigned “NumarkMixTrack.toggleDirectoryMode” and a script, channel 1, playlist, note on. What I replaced it with was everything the same except “NumarkMixTrack.toggleDirectoryMode” became “LoadSelectedIntoFirstStopped” and “script” became “normal”. Maybe I could have just changed the values, but I didn’t try that; I deleted one entry then made a new one.

Annyyywayyyy… here’s the file. I’m just including the .xml because I did nothing to the .js.

Thanks, Matteo, for this configuration! So grateful for the work you shared! And thanks to all the Mixxx developers for this awesome program!!

Cheers everyone!

Numark (1.25 KB)

Hey all,

We got this bug filed on our tracker a little bit ago about the MIxtrack mapping:

Do any of you also have his problem with the effects?


Yeah I do too, sort of. I tried both matteo’s and uncleeugene’s mappings and they both had this issue - the only effect that seemed to kick in was the depth, the center one; the others were difficult to distinguish at all. The thing is though, I manipulated the controls on screen with the mouse as well and the response was the same. So maybe its not a Mixtrack mapping issue? Are other non-Mixtrack users having similar issues? With my controller still plugged in, I switched to another random mapping, one for Hercules, manipulated the controls onscreen with the mouse again, and the problem still happened.

Running WInXP SP2. Yeah I know, I know, I hate SP3 though. The soundcard is SoundMAX integrated digital audio on a Thinkpad G40. 1gb of RAM, not sure if the sound card itself has any RAM and I doubt it.

Ahh ok I get it now. Yea one of the flanger knobs actually doesn’t do anything :slight_smile:. It’s been that way for 5+ years I think. I’m surprised people only noticed now.



Well, as I said, in my case two of the controls seemed useless. Maybe another one broke over the versions. Or maybe its some other issue…

Thanks! This helped me a lot, I was getting really frustrated with it

Hi everyone, I’ve been working on an updated binding this week end, and here is the result:

  1. I’ve merged the changes from uncleeugene and RAWRR
  2. Automating looping is working right, you can now automatically create a one bar loop (biggest new feature… but requires version 1.9)
  3. The controls are properly assigned for the flanger. These are the ones on deck A (cf bug report officially filed)
  4. I’ve mapped the “View” and “Tick” buttons. They allow setting cue points, even while playing. (actually I did not know what to do with these two buttons… and this seemed appropriate)
  5. The “stutter” key is now working as it should

The only change from uncleeugene that I reverted was the pitch direction… It’s labelled backward on the decks, so I think it should be backward in the binding file. I understand that can be counter intuitive, but I’d rather document how one can change it to make it to his liking than deliver something that does not work “as advertised”.

For the play while “cue previewing” should start the deck feature, I could have implemented it in the script file. However, browsing the source of mixxx, I’ve seen it was labelled, in a comment, as a TODO… so before doing something heavy in javascript, I would have like to know if someone in the developper team was working on that, and if it was coming in the next release maybe ? If not, I’ll make it in the script file.

Enjoy, test it and tell me what you think of it. We are getting closer to a 1.0 release :slight_smile:
Thanks RAWRR and uncleeugene !
Numark-MixTrack-1.0b.tar.gz (3.35 KB)

Hi everybody!

Matteo, thanks for merging my changes!
The only reason to change the direction of pitch controls was that i wanted my hardware controls and on-screen controls to move the same way. So i set “Pitch/Rate slider direction” in Preferenses to “Down increases speed” setting, and reverted hardware controls. Now if i move my pitch slider down, the speed increases, and i also see on-screen slider moving the same direction )))

I also tried new Browse knob by RAWRR. Thank you RAWRR! It works well in browser, but i found that pressing knob on “…” gets me two levels up, instead of one. Maybe it is just issue of my particular device, but i decided to use old mapping for now.
I tried to make RAWRR mod to work not only with browser but with crates, library and all this. And it seems to me, there is no way to achieve it by only changing scripts. Am i right?

Here is some changes i made since my last post:

  1. I often use gain controls, so i’ve mapped “pregain” on a middle fx knob of each deck.
  2. Flanger controls are mapped on a third knobs, “LFO” on deck 1, and “Delay” on deck 2. Depth control is mapped on first fx knob of deck 1, and never used )))
  3. Track can be loaded into a deck only if deck is stopped. After i loaded a track into a playing deck during the gig several times, i made this mod )))

Here is simple text file with my changes, if you think my changes got some point, please feel free to use it.
Numark Mixtrack mapping (667 Bytes)

For those who don’t know how to edit mappings, here is the latest version of my mapping including all the changes from my previous post.
Numark MIXTRACK (3.93 KB)

I have never been able to get mixxx to work with my mixtrack pro and I don’t know how to map at all. I’m no programmer. If it doesn’t work after download then it sits on my computer taking up space like mixxx has, although I would really like to use it. As for the platters not pausing the music when you hold it down, I don’t believe that is a feature with mixtrack LE or pro. I’ve never seen it stop from holding the platter in one spot when I mix. I use VDJ. As for all the controls, they were really way off when I used the last version of Mixxx. Plus I had really bad latency.

As you use VDJ, i suggest you run Windows on your computer.
Controller mappings are located in c:\Program Files\Mixxx\midi (or maybe Program Files (x86) for 64 bit systems).
Once you downloaded any mapping, you have to unzip it into this folder, then start Mixxx, go to main menu->options->preferences (Ctrl-P on keyboard), in the window appeared select MIDI Controllers->Numark Mix Track. Then, select your mapping in dropout list on the right upper side of window, then press “OK”.
Be sure that you have read this topic, and know how controller is mapped, what buttons does what actions and so…
For the latency thing, you can play with sound hardware parameters in preferences window. Preferred sound API for low latency performance is ASIO. And you can change “Latency” parameter to find proper balance between speed ang quality on your computer. If you tell me more about soundcard you use, i’ll try to help.

Thanks uncleeugene! Your mapping is great. I just started using it on my Mixtrack Pro and it works nice!

Thanks Matteo, RAWRR, and uncleeugene – I’ve added the 1.0b version to trunk and it will be in Mixxx 1.11.

Hey guys, thanks for your hard work on the Mixtrack mapping. I just loaded the mapping into Mixxx 1.11.0. Most of the controls work great, but the pitch sliders and LFO knob respond in the opposite direction. I was able to fix the pitch sliders easily with the Learning Wizard. After using the Learning Wizard on the LFO knob, it would only set to hard left and hard right. This is probably because it’s a rotary knob.

I’ll take some time to figure out how the mapping xml files work in Mixxx. If anyone has a quick fix for me, feel free to chime in.