Numark Party Mix Midi Mapping

Numark Party Mix Midi Mapping

Numark Party (1.63 KB)

Numark Party Mix Midi Mapping

Is there any chance to get the PAD MODE select working for CUE, LOOP, and SAMPLER?

You can map them very easy but only one single at a time. You have to choose between cues, hot loops or sampler. I don’t know how to map multiple buttons using different functions. If I were you, I map the 1 and 2 buttons to hot cues and the 3 and 4 for loops. Choose what’s best for you.

Hold on guys, I’m workin’ on the Pad Modes, but it is very complicated. I’m trying to “combine” script and Midi Learning, cuz’ you probably noticed that Pad Mode button has four LEDs (one for each mode). Midi signals that are received by pressing Pad Mode shares same status and different Control & Options codes. Therefore, this little button is not just on/off switch… It has four “positions” and just one status with some other controls and options. Now I’m not sure how to proceed: include or exclude all cases that are not related to Pad Mode?

P.S. DJ Dexter’s Jog Wheels Mapping is gr8! Full Scratch Control! :slight_smile:

How goes your work? I’m still trying to get the mapping above to work correctly, but I’m betting it’s mostly user error. :mrgreen:

I gave up on mixxx. It’s very difficult to map with script. Stick to virtual dj or traktor.

Thanks for the response. Too bad it didn’t work out.


I just bought a Numark Party Mix and discovered Mixxx on my Fedora. Thanks to DJ Dexter for this mapping. Of course not everthing is fine but i can use most of the controls. It seems enough for me now.

But i saw that with this mappings. The Play, Cue and Synth Leds aren’t working. So i made an update to fix it. Here it is.

Next step… try to learn javascript to correctly map each pads modes. x)
Numark Party Mix Mapping Update (2.2 KB)

Hi gents, I’m buying this controller. I like Mixxx very much and I’d like to use it with this Numark controller. What else does not work in the MIDI mapping?
Anyone working on the pad modes?

Dont bother with this controller. spend a bit more and get something better like pioneer sb2 or reloop.

I’ll second that. I’d recommend spending a little more for a Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 or Pioneer DDJ-SB2 instead.

Hey, wow, thanks for this update! Appreciate the work you’ve done… :smiley:

any chance for a mapping for the party mix PRO?

I added to the midi mapping and wrote code so the pad mode buttons will work as expected and the 4 numbered buttons will create loops, cues, and play samples. However due to limited resources i could not get the effects button to do anything. Anyways here you guys go! Just be sure to add the script file to scripts under preferences >>controllers >> controller_name >>scripts and choose the midi xml file under controller>>controller setup then click load preset and find the midi key map
Numark Party Mix (2.17 KB)

I added to my last update so that lights will work as well as the pads will work.

Numark-Party-Mix with (3.32 KB)

Hi, Ive downloaded your mapping and added it to controllers folder but when I open mixxx then it doesnt load any tracks to deck1 or 2.
Do you have any idea why maybe?


Regards, Richie S

Wow! An update! Thanks! :smiley:


I am new to this forum and I have the Numark Party Mix since a few days. I installed Mixxx because it is much better than the lite version of Virtual DJ. I found the MIDI mapping files here and tried it out. Very good work - but I was missing the effects in the pad mode. So I spent some hours on the xml and javascript code: and finally I got the FX buttons work! You can now switch on/off the four FX sections of Mixxx for each deck. Of course you have to set and turn on the effects inside the FX sections of Mixxx before. Additionally I added the Browse knob for scrolling through the library.
Have fun!

Numark-Party-Mix with (3.72 KB)

Are you able to load tracks as well through numark into deck 1 or2?

First of all, thanks to DJ Dexter for the initial mappings and DarkPoubelle for the edits. Awesome work by bearforce too getting the pads working, and by chriz who got the browser knob and FX working. I studied these scripts, and some of the mappings for other controllers in order to figure out how to do some other various things. The docs on the site were very helpful as well.

I’ve been working on this for the past week or so and I think it’s finally in a state where it’s ready to be shared. I intend to eventually try to get this submitted officially as a supported mapping, but I still have to write the wiki page and some better documentation before it’s ready for review. In the meantime, I thought I’d post them here for others to try.

Some features:

  • Figured out Numark’s SysEx message. Now when the PartyMix is plugged in and Mixxx loads, the controls in Mixxx should ‘snap’ to match the state of the controls on the controller surfice
  • The headphone/PFL buttons work correctly. These were tricky to map because they are ‘stateful’ switches on the controller, but the script handles this. UI PFL buttons and controller PFL buttons should always stay in sync now, no matter if the toggle occurs in the UI or controller.
  • The Pads work
    [list][*]Cue mode is mapped to the hotcue buttons in the UI for each deck
  • Loop mode: pads 1,2,3, and 4 are mapped to the 1,2,4, and 8 beat beatloop controls for each deck
  • Sampler mode:[list][*]Deck 1 pads are mapped to toggle playback on samplers 1-4 if loaded, or to load the selected track if no track is loaded
  • If using the Deere skin which supports a sample bank, the Deck 2 pads will select the relevant sample bank and the Deck 1 pads will change accordingly
  • The behavior of the LEDs can be changed in the script by setting the USE_FLASH boolean value at the top. The default behavior is for the pad to be dark when no track is loaded, dimly lit when a track is loaded, and brightly lit while a sample is playing. This can be changed to be dimly lit when no track is loaded, brightly lit when a track is loaded, and flashing while a sample is playing
    ]Effect mode: * Deck 1 pads 1 and 2 toggle effects units 1 and 2 and Deck 2 pads 1 and 2 toggle effects units 3 and 4
  • Pads 3 and 4 are currently mapped to the brake and spinback effects for each respective deck
    []The Scratch button can be pressed quickly to ‘latch’ (toggle). If it is held down, it will stay in scratch mode until released[/:m]
    []The browse rotary control works. A quick press toggles between scrolling the sidepane, or the main browsing pane. Rotating scrolls up/down the list. If focused on the side pane and hovering over an expandable item, a long press of the browse control will toggle expand/collapse of the item.[/:m]
    []The Load 1 and Load 2 buttons work as expected.[/:m][/list:u]

Other Notes:

  • If you’re not using the Deere skin, the Deck 2 pads will remain dimly lit in Sampler mode since the other skins do not support sample banks. If you would rather disable this feature, so that the Deck 2 pad LEDs remain off in Sampler mode when using other skins, this can be done by setting the USE_SAMPLE_BANK boolean setting at the top of the script
  • The rate (pitch) sliders for each deck are reversed on this controller. In order for them to move in the same direction on the UI as they do on the physical controller, go into the Options -> Interface -> Speed Slider Direction and select ‘Down Increases Speed (Technics SL-1210)’
  • Unfortunately, although I know the MIDI messages to control the Party Light modes, I cannot think of a sane control in the UI to map these to, so you’re just going to have to use the button on the back of the controller for that. Sorry :wink: (6.63 KB)