Odroid XU4 (arm V7 processor) with Mixxx 2.3 and OpenGL ES (Spinny) working - boot image shared

So I was trying for a long time to get OpenGL working on an Odroid XU4 (mini PC - similar to RaspberryPi4); and here the good news. I just made it work.

I’ve set up a new boot SD Card and instead of using the manufacturer’s (hardkernel) Ubuntu 20.04 image; this time I tried the Arch-Linux instead and followed these instructions: ODROID-XU4 | Arch Linux ARM

then installed lightdm display manager with mate desktop. It seems very stable and very responsive.

I then followed the build instructions Compiling On Linux · mixxxdj/mixxx Wiki · GitHub
the main difficulty was to get all the libraries installed and compile some of them. In general, arch-linux offered most of the missing libraries (and there weren’t 10 different versions as in Ubuntu, just one).

to do:
I still need to fine-tune the system getting RT IRQ working and setting up my 7" touchscreen - I’ll use this thread for updates.

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that’s very interesting! i have plan to make it work on my XU4 too, would love to get update on the progress!

Hi lele.vi,

So I got rtirq and cpu performance mode working with some little tweaking, which now gives me 10ms latency on 48kHz (stress stested), which I kind of need for digital vinyl, using a Traktor A6 card.

The visual framerate is not amazing, but kind of the same I had on Ubuntu 24fps using filter/rgb (no opengl) for the waveforms (all other options are much slower), but with opengle es spinnys working!

I am using a small 7inch 1024x600pixel touchscreen and want to run without keyboard or mouse, but mate is not ideal - no gestures, no right mouse button, buggy virtual popup keyboard…

So I am currently experimenting with different desktops.

Let me know if you are interested in an image for flashing the SD card, which moght save you some trouble… and what kind of setup you have in mind

I now have it also working quite nicely on GDM display manager and gnome-shell desktop → this allows for most of the touchscreen functionality I was searching for (e.g. swipe, pinch gestures and on-screen keyboard which mostly works).
Mixxx Latency is the same (10ms at 48kHz on a traktor A6 sound-card), while framerate of the waveform is slightly slower than on LightDM with Mate desktop (23fps).

if anyone needs a ready made boot image for the Odroid XU4, geared towards low latency and touchscreen support with Mixxx 2.3beta precompiled and running with OpenGL (Spinnies).

I am sharing my an image of above setup as backup image here - ready for download.

Please read the readme.txt for details

Requirements: min 32GB SSD card (64 or 128GB recommended)

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