Old school vinyl simulation skin

Can anyone make a skin like two old school turntables? That would be a real good addition to Mixxx.
I have seen it in VDj and the idea would be a nice touch as Mixxx is the better software for quality output over VDJ. Plus Mixxx allows the use of controllers.
I know it may be a bit difficult. Just wondered.
What does anyone else think?

Anyone can do that, sure : )
I suggest to look how current official skins are built, and there is also the wiki with some (incomplete and possibly outdated) instructions Creating Skins · mixxxdj/mixxx Wiki · GitHub

If you already have a specific design in mind I suggest you visualize that somehow and post it here. Sketches, drawings, GiMP/Photoshop mockups, …
Maybe you elate someone to work on it.

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ok Well Not sure if I could design anything, but I’ll do some research. I was hoping a more brainier person could have a stab at it.

Maybe Something like this.
With Moving Tone arms across as it plays. Maybe with the song cover art in the centre.