Overview: All available skins for Mixxx 1.9

[size=200]Mixxx 1.9 certified skins[/size]
Skins distributed with your Mixxx download
Goto Preference->Interface->Skins to change skins in Mixxx

[size=150]Deere[/size] 1280x800-WXGA & 1280x1024-SXGA

[size=150]Latenight[/size] Format:1280x800-WXGA & 1280x1024-SXGA

[size=150]LatenightBlues [/size] 1280x800-WXGA & 1280x1024-SXGA

[size=150]Outline[/size] 800x480-WVGA & 1024x600-Netbook & 1024x768-XGA

[size=150]Phoney [/size] 1600x1200-UXGA & 1680x1050-WSXGA

[size=150]PhoneyDark[/size] 1600x1200-UXGA & 1680x1050-WSXGA

[size=150]Shade[/size] 1024x600-Netbook & 1024x768-XGA

[size=150]ShadeDark[/size] 1024x600-Netbook & 1024x768-XGA

[size=200]Mixxx 1.9 community supported skins[/size]
Additional skins available for download
Howto install skins
How to modify an existing skin or how to make a new one from scratch.

[size=150]Airtime[/size] 1280x1024-SXGA+ Info,Source&Download

[size=150]AirtimeBeatmatch[/size] 1280x1024-SXGA+ Source&Download

[size=150]CrystalJelly[/size] 1280x800-WXGA (various color schemes available) Info&Download

[size=150]LateNight[/size] 1440x900-WXGA+ Info&Download

[size=150]LateNightBlues[/size] 1440x900-WXGA+ Info&Download

[size=150]Murky[/size] 1400x1050-SXGA+ Info&Download

[size=150]nOutline[/size] 1024x600-Netbook Info&Download

[size=150]ScratchNetbook[/size] 1024x600-Netbook Info&Download

[size=150]Spartan[/size] 1366x768-WXGA & 1280x800-WXGA Info&Download

[size=150]Threedy[/size] 1280x800-WXGA Info&Download

[size=150]Big thanks to all contributors![/size]

The older community supported skins for Mixxx 1.8 do basically work with Mixxx 1.9 too. However they miss some new features like Key lock, BPM Tap , Repeat mode buttons as well as library styling options.

You can help updating the skins to fully support Mixxx 1.9.
See Skin FAQ & Resources for skin designer for more info.

Any possibility that the awesome and my personal favorite Phoney and PhoneyDark skin can get ported to 1280x1024? That would be sweet, thanks. I think all these skins or any new skins that come out should support a slew of standard rez’s like the ones already listed and 1280x1024 and 1680x1050, but yeah, Phoney in 1280x1024 would be great.

In my opinion, “Outline” is the overall best skin for Mixxx. I am happy there is a 1024x768 version, as this is what my current laptop uses. Any plans for a 1280x800 version of this skin as well?

I am one of those few people that uses mix with touch screen interface, as such… if buttons are too small… it doesn’t make them very usable… I suppose using a lot of the hotkeys instead of the touchscreen might be a requirement, as the eq kill’s are way to small for any practical use. Has anyone considered enlarging all the buttons for ease of use? Perhaps taking some room from some other areas? I also feel that the waveforms MUST be side by side. For the most effective mixing… (I tend to be very visual when matching up my beats). The Outline skin, demonstrates this as well…

Speaking of the waveform, any plans to color code the waveform like Serato does? :question:

There are currently no plans to ship a 1280x800 version of the Outline skin with the next versions of Mixxx. You can change the Outline skins to your own needs, source files and documentation are available here: [url]https://mixxx.discourse.group/t/skin-faq-resources-for-skin-designer/11347/1] A 1280x800 version version for Mixxx 1.8 ( which could easily be used to update it to Mixxx 1.9) is available here: [url]https://mixxx.discourse.group/t/overview-all-available-skins-for-mixxx-1-8/10935/1]

Various changes to the waveform are targeted for Mixxx 1.11, see https://blueprints.launchpad.net/mixxx/+spec/waveform-2.0

Hi Jus, I have made a new version of the Airtime skin called AirtimeBeatmatch which includes pitch faders and BPM readings, you can find it with source here:
sourceforge.net/projects/airtime … r%20Mixxx/

Does anyone have a skin for a 1920 x 1080 monitor (1080p) ?

The OutlineHD skin for Mixxx 1.8 is available in 1920x1080-WXGA.

The skins for Mixxx 1.8 do basically work with Mixxx 1.9 too. However they might miss some features like Key lock, BPM Tap , Repeat mode buttons as well as library styling options.