Participation of mixxx experience

I have thick skin, and ex developer of huge and complex enviroments.

But when i try to report bug i bang my head to the wall. Do i want do that often. Painfull experience.

Belittle and thinking users are stupid and whiney, doesnt courage report or participating as a test pilot dummy. Best case was one year, i try to explain , cant drag and drop.
Thanks for daschauer for fix latest,

I only write this because i like mixxxx and wish all the best long live.

I want be polite, and if i am going continue have such a response, dont cry for argentina. i can put mouth frogs and spit them out,. I mean this, without testing and posting stupid answers, sounds horse trying to shit into face.

Hi @kk100, sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. We have a Code of Conduct that aims to prevent this. Could you please post a link to the bug report you’re referring to?

Hahahaa, common man, its not about me, i wouldnt fuck care less if its hit my ego.
I mean there is improvment, as everything, i hate to do this kind of things bold letters.
Response should not be like calling 911 and they tell you turn you house around so you dont see which side is burning.

Sorry, but can you please elaborate what you mean and link to an example? Maybe I misunderstood you the first time. Are you saying that we ask too much when we ask for steps to reproduce, backtraces or testing of fixes when you report a bug?