Phase HID mode? That would be sweet

I’m not sure if you know of the phase - but it is a controller that sends the rotational information of a real turntable to time code that is output through RCA cables. The newest update for the phase has a USB direct HID mode that sends this signal directly to serato. It doesn’t work for Traktor. It would be cool if MIXXX worked with the HID mode.

(Official update including the latest firmware and Serato DJ Pro USB Integration is available now! – Phase)

If a Phase owner is motivated and able to reverse engineer Serato’s proprietary HID protocol, sure :wink: I guess they got at least a spec from Serato to accomplish this task in a timely manner.

The scratching implementation in the current controller system may not work as well as using Phase with a timecode audio signal, but it’s worth a try.

Ideally, the engine’s scratch code only depends on an abstract interface that reports movement signals (position, velocity) independent of how they are obtained.