Photon Fader with MIXXX

I’ve read that Mixxx is the best way to use the Photon fader but can’t find any tutorials.
Mixxx is much more appealing to me than using a tablet.
What are the suggested uses for it?

What exactly do you want to know?

the original Photon fader site has little to no info about the device, but from what reviews and videos say it seems to be a MIDI controller with integrated audio interface, meaning that with Mixxx you can use it as sound input device DVS (or passthrough the actual audio signal) and/or control parts of Mixxx the GUI via MIDI.

All general info about setting up audio / DVS in Mixxx as well as the controller setup can be found in the manual:

the Photon mapping is not included in Mixxx but Photon itself supplies one on their website. Read for how to load that into Mixxx

Finally having some time to look closer, the Photon cannot be Enabled.
The box is greyed out although the Photon is present. I had to download a file and create an aggregate device as suggested by Jesse Dean for it to be recognized. There is no .js file though.