Pioneer DDJ-200 Mapping

Hello everybody,

I have a DDJ-200 that doesn’t allow me to use it with the great Mixxx.
I have found some possible mapping data in case someone with the knowledge, time and desire would want to work on it.

I would be the happiest girl in the world if I could make the sweetest mixes by joining the work of Mixxx and my controller. :smiley:

Greetings and see you soon.

Kandibel … 50A0645C0F

by dan-giddins -

A pull request for support for the DDJ-200 has been raised to bring the functionality into the program by default, but for now you can get the controller working by downloading the following files into C:\Users<user>\AppData\Local\Mixxx\controllers\ (also known as the “User Preset Folder” in Preferences -> Controllers) … 0.midi.xml … scripts.js
(right-click -> save as)

Hello Folks,
I’m hoping someone can provide me some insight on this. When I bought this controller I was not aware that it was designed for use with your phone VIA Bluetooth. However, I was able to load the mixxx mappings (which, thank you in advance for that. It works perfect). I am wondering if you can use this controller with the stereo headphone splitter they sent with this device to have cue/mix functionality. I was not planning on purchasing a separate USB audio source for monitoring. Personally, I have NO IDEA why Pioneer couldn’t have implemented a headphone jack instead of this split audio cord nonsense. On the same token, even when using a phone, how can it provide monitoring functionality with just a simple 1/8" stereo headphone splitter? They don’t register as separate audio sources. All I can do is play music through my laptop speakers with no ability to monitor the other deck before presentation. This makes it kinda difficult to mix tracks. And using sync and trusting the BPM markers is a no go for me. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

And please don’t tell me I should have spent more for a controller that supports this functionality. :wink:

I will attempt any recommended methods to achieve this function.

Yes, you can use a headphone splitter with Mixxx. You can’t get stereo output with a headphone splitter but that’s true of all applications that use headphone splitters. Go to preferences and set Master output mode to Mono. Then go to the output settings, and use the same device for Master Output and Headphone. Set Master to only use Channel 1 (instead of Channel 1-2), and Headphone to use Channel 2 (you might have to swap that for your splitter).

If you want to use the split cable use Rekordbox.
However, if you are using Mixxx, you can redirect your audio through another soundcard which is a much better option. This is just a little plug to your headphone:

A mapping for the Pioneer DDJ-200 has been merged and will be part of the Mixxx 2.2.5 release.

Pull Request: