Pioneer DDJ-400 Channel CUE not working

I have just purchased brand new Pioneer DDJ-400 and connected it to my Ubuntu Linux Laptop. I have selected “Pioneer DDJ-400: USB Audio (hw: 1,0) Channels 1 - 2” for Deck 1 and “Pioneer DDJ-400: USB Audio (hw: 1,0) Channels 3 - 4” for Deck 2. The problem is Channel CUE are not working - I cannot hear a music while it is playing (fader is down). Headphones Mixing knob is at CUE position. I can hear Master CUE though if I press Master CUE button. I’m using these two controller files:

How can I fix it?

PS I doubt this is hardware issue, but I might check it installing a recordbox on another PC…

EDIT: I just have checked the device using Rekordbox - it has no such issues

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That is not an official mapping (yet :wink: )
Does it work if you press the Pfl buttons in the GUI?

Edit …after having switched Master CUE OFF

I suggest to test the mapping from the Pull Request that @ronso linked above. If you find issues with it, please comment directly on the pull request so that the author gets notified.

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No, it doesn’t work. Only CUE on master is working. Also, Channel 1 is silent even with Fader is set to Max

Okay, as @hlzhs mentioned: please comment on the PR you got this mapping from so all info/feedback is one place and the contributor can fix it.

I decided to cancel this path. Back to the vinyl.

What are the reasons?

Because it’s not durable to use PC. Maybe it’s okay for home, but not for the club.

okay…what do you mean by ‘durable’?
Are you worried about the stability of software (operating system + Mixxx)?

I played quite some gigs with Mixxx (on Linux) + Reloop Controller and I didn’t encounter a crash during the let’s say last two years.
BUt in general, playing from a PC also increases the pressure on the DJ: you have to bring your own gear and responsible it works. You can’t point at the club staff when a club-owned turntable or mixer refuses to work.
However, the only time my gear has failed my in the last years was when it got too cold (and wet) so my controller soundcard started crackling…

I play since 1996 and I know something about it. I decided to buy Denon Prime 4 as it has SATA interface.

Hi, this problem is relevant for me as well. Maybe there is something new on the topic?

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Previously, I chose only the master channel 1-2, after when I chose channel 3-4 for the headphones, the problem seemed to go away.

Example Setups - 6.4. Laptop and MIDI or HID Controller

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