Pioneer DDJ-RB on Linux


I just bought a DDJ-RB to use it with Mixxx on an Arch Linux PC. I knew there wasn’t a mapping, but I figured I could adapt the SB2 one, which actually worked quite well. But there is another problem: While the USB HID was recognized, the sound interface wasn’t. So I’m stuck with a MIDI controller without sound. There is a driver for Windows and Mac on their page, so I guess I’m out of luck here, but I still hope I’m missing something. Any idea?


Could you post the output of the commands “lsusb -vvv” and “aplay -l”?

this probably isnt mixxx specific, you should see the audio device in the entire OS (arch), most audio devices/interfaces work in multiple OSs as long as they are following the standard specs, hopefully this one isnt doing something stupid & proprietary

are you using pulse or alsa or jack in the OS?

As they have their own drivers for Mac they probably are! I’ve found it hard to get much info on the RekordBox marketed controllers but have been left with the impression they have a lot more propriety components to them than the others series…

Yeah. The audio interface part seems to be proprietary.
@Be. I checked that. Alsa doesn’t recognize a sound card and lsusb only shows the HID part.

Sorry for not responding so long. Didn’t check back the page bc I thought I had subscribed the topic, which I hadn’t. I even got a little disappointed no-one’s interested though Be had actually replied 2 hours later. Won’t happen again :smiley: Thanks for the replies and the thoughts!
Long story short: I returned the device and got myself a Roland DJ-202 which is working perfectly fine on Linux. I’m currently creating a mapping for it.

Okay, thanks for reporting back. Hopefully anyone considering getting a DDJ-RB to use with Linux will find this thread.

Good news! The Pioneer DDJ-RB audio interface is supported in Linux 5.9.