Pioneer XDJ 700 x 2 & Behringer DJX900 - Help!

Hello MIXXX crew - i’m new to the forum and I am trying to control my MIXXX software with 2 x Pioneer XDJ decks and a Behringer DJX 900 mixer.

I was wondering if any of you wonderful people had set up mapping for these controllers?

Any help would be gratefully received - I have searched to see if anyone has made them and couldn’t find any topics.



Unfortunately a XDJ 700 mapping doesn’t seem to exist. Yet.

You could start creating one yourself: 14. Advanced Topics — Mixxx User Manual

I suggest to use the Midi wizard first and start with simple button controls like Play, Cue and stuff.
You can also look at existing CDJ mappings, for example that for the CDJ-350?

Starting with Mixxx 2.3 the controller documentation is now in the online manual, though there’s no docu for any CDj yet 17. Hardware Manuals — Mixxx User Manual

If you run into trouble, feel free to ask here, there are usually folks with expereince around.

Good luck!

Hey @Notch - just wondering if you started and map the XDJ-700s yet. I just ordered a pair and would love to use them with Mixxx as well…