Playlists and Crates Empty

I created several playlists and a few crates(version 1.9.0). All my playlist headers exsist but they have no content.
same thing for the crates I had. They did have info in them for quite some time now empty.

What gives? Is there A file somewhere containing this info that may be out of place or such.

Did you upgrade to a new version or are you still on 1.9.0?

No upgrades still the 1.9.0 version.

Is it possible your music has moved / become missing? Open the Library section and look at the “Missing Songs” section to see if they are missing.

Just checked in there, none of the missing songs found in the missing songs folder. There are perhaps 30 songs in the missing file and I know why.

I’m looking for a couple hundred songs. They are in the Library. They just are not in the playlists. If I open the playlists they are empty no nothing just blank. Approx 8 playlist menus all empty well, some do contain 1 or 2 songs. There had been many more.

They had been there for at least a year.

Does the file mixxxdb.sqlite contain this info ?

The file mixxxdb.sqlite does indeed contain the info related to playlists.

Opened the file it shows all my playlists and also references the songs which should appear. Following the song Id numbers also finds the correct songs in the library. The correct playlist song order is also noted.

Still why are the playlists empty?

Could you post the mixxxdb.sqlite file so I can take a look?

Thinking its to large. I’ll try screen shot. Yep even screen shot to big by .17 MB. Let me see if I can change that

Hope this will work. Tried to zip the sqlite file but to much info
mixxx screenshots (170 KB)

Can you email the SQLite DB to me instead? I need to run some queries on it to inspect.

I guess this is a lost cause!

Hi mobile,

I had a chance to look at the SQLite database you sent to me. It appears there are only 29 tracks in crates in the library. Of those, only one of them has a corresponding entry in the library table. It looks to me like all the others were somehow deleted from the library table.

I’m not sure how this happened. There is only one way that the code could have removed these rows from the library table and that is by using the “Purge Tracks” feature present in 1.10.x. You said you were only using Mixxx 1.9.x so I’m pretty stumped.

Using a simple heuristic I think I may have reconstructed which tracks those were. Could you check your email? I’ve emailed you crate / track pairings. If you can confirm that those are the right pairings I can try to re-construct those crates if you’d like.


Same problem here. 2 days ago I finished 3 Playlists and today when I open mix a window appeared asking for the music directory. So I tried browsing the common folders and selected one randomly but oviously there was nothing there…
Tried to look for the mixxdb but I have no file under that name.
I was unable to find here or in google which is the default folder for crates and playlist on Ubuntu with no luck. Any input would be much appreciated!


Cabeza de Lechuza

mixxxdb.sqlite is in the settings folder:

which Mixxx version do you run? on which OS?

Thank you for the answer!!! Still don’t see a Settings folder… Could you please provide the full path to it?
As I mentioned above I’m using Ubuntu the version is 20.04.2 LTS and Mixx version is 2.3.0.

Thank you again for taking the time to answer my question!

Note: make sure you have ‘Show hidden files’ enabled in your file manager in order to show all dot-files and folders.

Yes, I figured that out but fter adding one of the folders containing music the playlists and crates names are still missing. So I thought that what the program neede is to reconect to the folder/file that holds that info. That’s why I was trying to find where Mixx stores this data. And seems to be into the mixxxdb. But for some reason it is empty or unreadable by Mixxx

The ‘library folder’ Mixxx is asking for is the one holding your music, not your database.