Post pics of your Mixxx rig

Post pics of your Mixxx rig

ill start.

my rig is much better now but this is the only pic i have till i buy a dj table.

Cute picture, lol … and very organized desk! :laughing:

your right it is rinky dink,

my daw is much more impressive

this is the plan for my dj rig in about two months.


come on,

show me some stuff to give me ideas before i start scripting my controllers

anybody? :frowning:

I’ll post something soon, hang in there. :slight_smile: (I just moved overseas and am unpacking everything.)

coming together,

just gotta map it and get some speakers.

starting to work for me

Here’s my crappy temporary development rig:

Here’s my compact system in a club:

The only system more compact would be a netbook with the music on its internal HD.

What headphones do you have Sean?

Those are Pioneer SE-DJ5000s that are now falling apart (rubber on the top.) I now have American Audio HP 700s I got at a good price that I’ll be using soon.

Does this make you happy, MrThraz? :wink:

That’s an EKS Otus, two SCS.3ds, an SCS.3m, an SCS.1m, and an SCS.1d. (And of course one of my video cameras.) They [can] all work together in Mixxx! (I’m still working on the Otus mapping, but the SCS devices are all being controlled by Mixxx on the PC on the right.) Once I get the SCS.1d’s platter working 100%, I have to make a video showing all of this working together. It’s quite a thrill.

A closer shot:

very nice.

if i had a set up like that i’d never be able to leave for work

My little vacantion set up…
Hercules RMX (+ a mk2 i’m gonna try tu use to control fx and loop when i have some time to learn how to map…)
Korg mini KP
Korg Kaossilator (can’t wait to use it on the source)
Native instrument Axiom 25 for lmms and other ubuntu studio stuff (I wanna use mixxx with jack but it seems to be a bit tricky…)
Headphone panasonic RP-DJ3000 (a cheap one I know)
First time since a long time I didn’t use everything… Gonna try if I’ve some time during these summer holidays…

Here is a picture of my setup:

My setup includes:

[]Stanton T-80 turntable (2x)[/]
[]M-Audio X-Session Pro DJ Controller[/]
[]Akai MPD18 Pro Drum Pad[/]

My actual PC is off to the left on it’s own desk with my other monitor.

daaaaaaaang, nice madjester. :smiley:

I’ll trade you my Akai MPD24 for your MPD18… looks nice and compact. :slight_smile:

Well, if I can get my netbook to run mixxx (and it’s darn close) I pretty much have an entirely portable mixxx setup. Hehehe. Perfect for travelling to the middle of nowhere to play.

Then all you need is a generator and some big speekiz and you have yerself a party in the field.

Not nearly as impressive as some of you guys out here, but here’s my playground :

HP Probook, Stanton SCS 3, Numark DJ I/O, Skullcandy HESH headphones, M-Audio monitors, iOmega 1TB drive, Seagate 500GB drive… realized I should get a pic with the Behringer BDJ 2000 and the DM2, would look more impressive :wink: OOoooohhhh… maybe if I hooked up the Fender Passport 250 :smiley: haha