Preference Window - Linux

Hi. New user, just started using Linux and wanted an alternative to virtualdj. I’ve loaded a track to test it, and I can’t hear anything. Ok, I thought, check the preferences to see if the audio output is set up. Only problem is, no matter how many times I try and select the Preferences I can’t see anything. When I exit, I get a message to say the Pref. window is still open, but where???!!! What am I doing wrong?


Maybe the preferences window opens in the background? Have you tried using Alt+Tab?

I’ve tried that now, and I can see there is an additional window open, but I still can’t get to it! It’s as though it’s somehow minmized somewhere on the screen but out of reach, if that makes sense?

I should the extra window i can see is in the same window as Mixxx, so I can’t tab between them.

What window manager are you using? Have you tried using a different one?

Sorry, I’m not sure. I’m new to Linux, how would I check? I’m not at my laptop just now but I’ll check later.

Post a screenshot of your whole screen when you try to open the preferences window.

It may help to make sure Mixxx is not fullscreen (there are issues with additional windows being hidden ‘behind’ it), then it should absolutely be possible to Alt+Tab to the Preferences.
Btw. the keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+P

Mutter (Muffin), running Cinnamon

Oh no - You may or may not want to believe this, but I had a VGA/HDMI adapter plugged in, but not actually connected to anything. I’ve taken that out and surprisingly I can now see the Preferences window.