Press and Hold for 2nd function like VDJ


Is it possible to set up a “Press and Hold” function in Mixx with the wizard to activate a second function like how you can with Virtual DJ ? (i.e. where the controller button is held down for a couple of seconds)

Example: I have a Numark DJ2GO controller and on VDJ, I have my pitch + - buttons set as a toggle between looping In / Out and Reloop / Exit Loop as follows:

Pitch Minus (Regular) : Loop In / Held: Reloop
Pitch Plus (Regular) : Loop Out / Held: Exit Loop

I was wondering if it’s possible to set up the same in MIXX.

You can’t do that with the mapping GUI, but you can do it with a controller script. However, I generally advise against doing doing this. It’s really easy to either hold the button too long or not long enough so it doesn’t do what you want it to do.