Problem with song titles and mp3 tags

Hi there. I am new here, but i am very excited with the mixxx. It is a very good program and i am streaming allready without any serious problem.

The thing that i have is that many songs that i play, the titles and the tags are in greek language. At the window below deck i can see the file name, but the title and the artist and when i load into a deck, the characters are weird like ñþôá íá îå÷Ü, and it is a problem cause i don’t see what is playing now or coming next at auto pilot also it is sending bad text at metadata in streaming.

Is there any setting that i can do at the text encoding?

Thank you for yout help

  • Which Mixxx version?
  • Which file type?
  • What do you see when loading your files in a tag editor?

the mixx version is 2.2.4 (build 2.2.r6798)
the file is mp3 192 kbps with id3v2.3
when i load at mp3tag editor (ver 3.06a) i see the tags in greek character without a problem

Please provide a sample file as a download link via private message for testing. Do not post it publicly here.

ID3v2.4 is preferred because it uses UTF-8 exclusively and prevents character encoding issues caused by the sloppy ID3v2.3 format.

well i didn’t found how to private message you from here, i open your profile but i didn’t found any option for messaging. Anyway, i open the whole folder with the mp3s with mp3tag editor, and i just select all the files and i just push the save button, and know the mixxx is reading the informations fine.

As expected. MP3 Diags confirms my guess that the stored encoding is inconsistent with the actual contents:

  • WARNING: ID3V2 tag has text frames using Latin-1 encoding that contain characters with a code above 127. While this is valid, those frames may have their content set or displayed incorrectly by software that uses the local code page instead of Latin-1. Conversion to Unicode (UTF16) is recommended. [0]

Mixxx is very strict in this respect. Garbage in, garbage out.

I’ll check if we can improve the Latin-1 handling to display even those tags correctly.

The decoding of those basic fields are handled by TagLib, not Mixxx. We rely on TagLib for string decoding.

I strongly recommend to fix your files.


Quod Libet


i fixed the tag problem, by opening all the files by opening all the files with mp3tag editor and saving again with correct settings. But also find another problem the song “Gia To Kalo Mou” is not playing and Mixxx, it is playing but without sound, and the wave form is flat, it seems that mixx isn’t reading it correctly. If you play the file with another player it is playing normaly.

This file contains MP3 frames with different sample rates, which is uncommon and not supported by Mixxx:

warning [CachingReaderWorker 1] SoundSourceMp3 - 1 MP3 headers with sample rate 32000 Hz
warning [CachingReaderWorker 1] SoundSourceMp3 - 9743 MP3 headers with sample rate 44100 Hz
warning [CachingReaderWorker 1] SoundSourceMp3 - MP3 files with varying sample rate are not supported!
warning [CachingReaderWorker 1] SoundSourceMp3 - Since this happens most likely due to a corrupt file
warning [CachingReaderWorker 1] SoundSourceMp3 - Mixxx tries to plays it with the most common sample rate for this file

The file plays fine in Mixxx when FFmpeg is enabled. I guess FFmpeg does some resampling internally to provide a uniform sample rate after decoding.

Decoding in Mixxx with libMAD fails when trying to read the first sample and then FFmpeg is used as a fallback. If FFmpeg is not enabled the file will not be playable in Mixxx.

Since only the first MP3 frame is encoded with 32 kHz instead of 44.1 kHz I would consider the file as corrupt. This frame probably doesn’t even contain meaningful audio data.