Program Doesn't Fit Screen

I have a new 17" Macbook Pro Laptop, and the Mixxx program is oversized. I cannot figure out how to get it to work properly. It worked perfect on my old 15" laptop. I have tried changing the resolution, changing the program skins. Nothing works, any help?

That screenshot shows two problems.
The upper side is not showing the waveform. Due to that, it is showing garbage, which in this case is a reduced part of the players.

The lower side shows the players and fx, but excessively big.

For the second problem, it seems that Mixxx is not detecting the screen size correctly.
Try following the instructions here:

For the first problem, I suggest you to go to settings, Waveforms, and select another waveform type. The Software one should work, and the Qt (GL) is known to be the slowest one.

Thank you so much!
That fixed the problem, i appreciate it!

Please try 2.3 beta. Is the problem fixed with it?