Project - Arduino mini controller for mixxx

Hello everyone.

In these days I would like to develop a DJ console with my Arduino Uno.
I would start with a very simple thing, like 3 linear potentiometers (one for the desk A, 1 for deck B and fade).
Someone can give me directions to the correct Arduino programming and detect Arduino from mixxx?

You need to teach your Arduino to send MIDI signals first. Maybe Arduino developers forum is a better place to ask for a help. Or Google it.

i would start out with look at this … r-arduino/

I made one this semester as a college project, i used the KL25Z Freedom Freescale platfort. Solid performer and very easy to program, would reccomend for sure !

I followed this instructable and built my own midi controller. … ontroller/
Now this one I built is used with my laptop that runs Freestyler DMX for my lights, but I did hook it up to my project Mixxx / Raspberry PI box and it works very smooth. I definalty plan on making another just for MIXXX.

Heres an arduino based controller i had worked on for awhile a couple years ago then shelved. i recently got the project back out and am happy to say I’ve now got a stand alone native midi controller with a dj hero jog wheel. Its got a few kinks still but more or less works. Next step is to add a raspi running mixxx to create a stand alone digital turntable. Anyone done any work on making a trimmed down version of mixx that has a single turntable in the gui?

Nice arduino-based controller you have there