Promoting Mixxx on YouTube

Hi guys and especially to the developers

I’d like to promote Mixxx on YouTube.whic is AFAIK on par with the other commercial DJ software out there and IMHO deserve more exposure.

I’ve got a Pioneer DDJ-SX 2 which is fully mapped.

I’m thinking about demonstrating Mixxx 2.3, even though it is still beta as I think it sn’t far from being it won’t be long before it released as stable.

Please post your ideas and suggestions to show and promote Mixxx in best light


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Thank you for working on this!

You should read, @OsZ made some videos recently. Maybe you can arrange on how to proceed.

what makes it “far from being released as stable” for you?

Hey Dominique. Nice you also thought about some videos on YouTube. I am using Mixxx on Linux controlled by my Denon MC7000. Having specially the intention to show some technical aspects, how to set up and later how to map a controller.

I like the fact you are using the Pioneer SX, so we have 2 different high value mid range controllers and not the entry low level ones for demos.

If you would like to go about DJ-ing and how to use different features in Mixxx would nicely add to my videos. Does it happen you can make videos on Windows or Mac OS?

I’d love to combine our efforts.


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“it sn’t far from being” was badly worded and I concede could be miss-understood. I meant “I don’t think it won’t be long before it will be released as stable” and

I’ve been using live when it was still in alpha stage without hardly ever encountering an issues. After that IMHO it’s to developers to decide when they feel happy to release as stable.

I’m a Linux sysadmin so I have an idea about dev cycles.


could nicely add to my videos

of course :slight_smile:

videos on Windows or Mac OS?

I think I can do it. Not in the immediate term but nonetheless doable. But I think what’s important is to define and “script” the video showcasing Mixxx without missing any of it’s features and what makes it on par with the other commercial software.

I think a comparison with Traktor, Serato and Virtual DJ could be good start.

  • For a start being able to import RekordBox, Traktor and Serator, itune libraries is something that the software don’t do.
  • Different skins available and the interface can be tailors to anyone’s taste like with VirtualDJ


Hey Dominique. A comparison to other DJ software would be really great. I cannot do that myself as I only run Linux and non of the commercial software supports Linux based OS.

If you don’t wanna miss features then possibly a look to the Mixxx controls site is interesting. There all commands listed, even if they are not mapped to a controller yet but I guess this would show capabilities and features in a good condensed way.

Again I have a friend who runs Traktor on a Windows box with a Denon MC 3000 and another one who Mixxx on a Mac with an Hercules and I think someone else runs Serato and Virtual DJ.

If in the near future Mixxx could provide STEMs mapped to effects like DJay pro orVirtual DJ that would make it a killer product!