Quality loss with «audio-recorder»?


My question is about using «Audio recorder» in Linux. This software is recording all sound passing through the sound card and then, saving in many different formats : wav, flac, ogg (…).
My question is about the source. Let’s say I’m listening to a stream in 24 bits and 48 000 Hz and let’s say my sound card is able to handle such a quality. When I’ll record from the sound card, does my quality will remain 24 bits and 48 000 Hz ? Or is there a degradation of the recorded signal because of passing through the sound card ?

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As long as you are encoding at 44.1 kHz and 16 bits or higher there is practically no quality loss converting between sample rates and bit depths. However, every device an analog signal passes through adds noise and distortion, so if you send a signal out of your computer and rerecord it, it will not sound as good as the original digital signal. Encoding in a lossy format will always degrade quality.

Thank you Be0 for your answer.