Question about hotcue and FX knob behaviour, resonance on main filter

Hi! First off, I am blown away by this software being open source and the community behind it! I got a Pioneer DDJ SB3 a couple months back and have set up the controller mappings for it which is now available. I have a couple of issues though and would like to know if it is possible to fix em

First off, the preset for my controller binds only 4 out of each deck’s 8 hotcue pads to the hotcues themselves and the other 4 are for some fastforward, rewind and skip features that I’m not interested in. This is despite the fact that I downloaded a fork of the preset that said it functioned with the 8 hotcues instead of 4, but nvm. I have tried going to the controller mappings within Mixxx and manually tweaking the bindings but I can’t get the hotcue pads to turn on when I press them after changing them. I guess there probably is a separate binding attached at the same time (though I tried to delete the bindings for the features I didn’t use), but there is so much going on in the mappings windows and so complicated labels that I really don’t know where to start.

Also, I wanted to change the FX knob to change the superknob’s value when no FX is selected for tweaking. Currently it changes the fx mixer knob, and trying to change this in the mappings stab did not go well haha

Finally, I wanted to know if there was a way to increase the resonance for the quick filters in the middle of most controllers, in the mixer section. I can increase the resonance for filters in the effects section but not for these. This would be really useful.

Thanks for any help!!!

re QuickFx
Quick effects cannot be tweaked like effects. thus “Quick” effects.
Well, you can control them but there’s no (official) skin mirroring the paramters in the GUi.
See 16.5. Mixxx Controls — Mixxx User Manual]-parameterK
(Edit it’s bit tricky to post links here that contain square brackets. The root chapter is EQs and Filters, look for parameter K … )

And, IINM the Quick Effect configuration is not stored in effects.xml, unlike the config of regular effect units. So, if you found values that work for you¹ you can add setting those to the init()² function of your controller script.
¹ Developer > Developer Tools to set/read values directly 16.3. Launching Mixxx from the Command Line — Mixxx User Manual
² check how other mappings use the init function

However, if you want GUI feedabck and don’t use effect units 3/4 you could map the two Filter knobs on the controller to control the Meta knobs of one effect slot in each unit, load the preferred Filter effect there and tweak it. Assign fx unit 3 to deck1 and fx4 to deck2 and you’re ready to go.

This will be possible in Mixxx 2.4 with a custom effect chain preset. But currently there is no good way to do this.

Here’s some code you can insert into the init() section of your controller script.

 // change resonance of filter
    var Resonance = 4;
	for (var i=0; i<4; i++) {

Change the value of the variable: Resonance

A value of 4 makes it sound Serato-like, I am led to believe. This is the value I use.

I suggest changing the variable and its reference to better match the other variables in the controller (eg: for the DDJ-SX3, I use: PioneerDDJSX3.Resonance

If you decide to keep the Resonance variable name as it is, double-check to ensure it’s not already used elsewhere in the controller script.

I hope that helps.

Hey thank you guys for your detailed answers!!! I will try some of this stuff out <3<3

Do you guys have any knowledge on the pads issue as well?

EDIT: I am managing to fix the pads issue by changing the code in the script file! I’m guessing around since I haven’t wrapped my head around how all the code works, but so far i managed to make all 8 function as hotcues, only that when I press shift to delete hotcue points only the top 4 light up, there’s probably another function I need to tweak

Funny, I’m about ready to start working on the pad code for the DDJ-SX3. The pads work in the script I started with, except the lighting isn’t working as expected, and I want to implement coloured pads.

For your pad issue, I’d look for shifted pad definitions in your midi file. Some of the codes may have changed.

Generally I notice some codes between the SX2 and SX3 codes are the same, while others are different. I guess it’s too much to ask for some standardization within the same manufacturer.

haha nvm my own edits only worked for one of the two decks and it’s still a bit buggy, will prolly wait till someone updates the script in a future update :smiley:

btw i’m on an sb3 but thanks for your help!


Yes, I caught that when I read your original post before replying. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.

I also downloaded the midi messages specifications for your controller. Apparently the 8 performance pad press state messages are identical to mine, only difference is the ability to colour the pads.

Looking at other scripts can be helpful, might give you some ideas. Or you can wait for someone to do a script, but waiting isn’t as fun. Once I finish working on fixing the pads in the one I’m working on, you should take a look, it shouldn’t be too difficult to compare and correct your SB3 script.