Question re 2.4 and Kontrol S4Mk3

Hello. I’ve just finished compiling 2.4 alpha to see if perhaps there might be a template for the Kontrol S4Mk3 already. It doesn’t seem to be there yet (I know there is no guarantee S4Mk3 will be supported in 2.4). Does the current 2.4 already have the new controller/scratching support? Or in other words: if I were to attempt to build a controller template, is 2.4 already using the new controller system?
This is not meant to be an ungrateful ‘demand’, just asking what the status is or where I could get up-to-date info on development. Thank you. Appreciate your work

Neither the new controller system, nor the new vinylcontrol code is finished.This is developed step by step. Only a few, but important, changes under the hood are in 2.4 builds now.

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Thanks for your reply. Is there a page with updates on current development?

The discussion is ongoing on the developer chat:
General ideas can be found here: New controller system · mixxxdj/mixxx Wiki · GitHub

thanks for the info!