Questions for Radio Station


A number of questions below - hope you can answer. Using Mixxx for upcoming new internet radio / Mixcloud stream

  1. Is it possible to extrapolate Meta Data for a third party streaming client - like BUTT for internet radio service. The outpt from Mixxx goes through Breakaway audio processing before linking in to BUTT or similar to stream to servers. However haven’t figured out how to get song Meta Data - like a song.txt file etc.
  2. Using Voicemeeter Banana / Macro Buttons and an Akai MidiMix board is it possible to map so that some of the Macro keys activate a Mixxx hot key please? I have a controller too - but won’t to use both.
  3. When I click on Mixxx using Win 10 - sometimes it opens more than one instance of the program. Is it possible to ensure only 1 can open at once.
  4. Is it possible to ensure that when doing a rescan of files that it still allows system to operat normally - as I find nothing else works during a rescan unless a track is in play.
  5. Lastly - sometimes I need to move files around on differtn drives or if I edit offline need to then tidy up locations etc. However I do not seem to be able to reset the database to start afresh. Even when I have do reinstall of Mixxx can not start with clean sheet. Is this possible?

Many thanks

Can anyone advise please?

Hi Liam,
Can only advise on 1)
If you broadcast on Win you can use Altacast instead of BUTT. It can grab the Qt5QWindowIcon, with title and artist.
5) Must be somewhere in the manual…

hej @captain

It’ll best if you open a new bug report over at Mixxx/launchpad for issues 3 and 4

1 metadata:
so you feed the Mixxx stream into an audio enhancer which strips the metadata and after processing you want to recompile a stream with audio tags?
Stream metadata is shown in the Mixxx window title, so like @_Wunjo suggests I’d also try reading that.

more advanced:

2 hotkeys
Take a look at the default keybard mapping in the Mixxx manual.

As long as the _Mixxx window has focus _ you can fire hotkeys manually or you use for automation.

5 reset your mixxx installation:
For manual editing, backup: all Mixxx settings like the tracks database, controller mappings, skin configuration, track overview images etc. are in the same folder as the Mixxx.log file

Perfect this does the trick - anything else that can pull Qt5QWindowIcon?

many thanks for the info