Rating Track tag

Like many before has asked, save mixxx ratings into track file.

For me I don’t understand why its so hard to implement.
POPM allow create mixxx own rating.

Or can give “email” address, using traktor,wmp,mediamonkey ,musicbee,etc, or own.
I saw one person was thinking he and his partner have different taste.
It’s easy save mike rating or mathildas rating using POPM.

As well give only one options where people can write, where she/he want save POPM frame the rating, or read. Sorry I dont understand how long this thing has been issue.

Anyhow if you are not going to save rating to the file.
I am going to do utility which do that loading mixxx ratings, and save which tag they wont put it, or POPM Frame, and many other things like saving timbre color to color field. and lotsa things what can see launchpad wishlist.
It wont be free, or public but need to give me receipt of donating to mixxx .

Sure how this do this in flac etc. but at least MP3 its possible.

Amazed as allways how great real time application mixxx is.

It may look easy application, I just say its not if look under hood.
Just want mention this, for people who start criticize mixxx

Thank you developers and community, even i don’t allways agree things, cant be right every time.

Please don’t fragment discussions, this has already been discussed in your bug report Bug #1799441 “Saving ratings in file tags” : Bugs : Mixxx
with the relevant points being mentioned there, e.g. that it should not be simply overwriting existing rating tags,

There’s also Bug #973136 “Rating in Mixx != Rating in Mediaplayer” : Bugs : Mixxx about DJ rating vs audience rating

Interesting approach…
If you’re capable of implementing that you’re welcome to open a PR, as well as discuss the UX on Zulip beforehand.


Sorry about messing about different threads.
For me this is simple as can be. Because can write own POPM frame, what people can choose. it wont owerwrite nothing if people dont want it, because can use “email” of POPM, and it can be what ever, I think there is something what people think too complex.

and if people can choose which frame will be used.
medianmonkey,traktor,mixxx,windows or own etc…

All respect mixxx developers, maybe i dont understand, but for me its straight forward thing.

Mixxx allready have so huge user base and cant make everyone happy, so its not problem for create utility application which helps workflow,and share it. but i wont integrate it to the mixxx.

I just want people dont have to duplicate workload, mixxx is many way perfect, and not want use lot of other applications and repeat things between them. which is waste of time.
Software should help people and not otherwise.

I mean most of the job is done before gig. if i dont have to play between applications and updating things, it will save my time.

I can’t check how I can mix two tracks together without trying them without dj application.
Itunes and those wont help. Need to do real deal. and if you are playing multiple genres and audiences, things are becoming more complex., just thinking, so why application could not make it easier.

All respect, and i wont never switch other application,even core developers don’t agree my thoughts.

I mean, while i look some tracks, over thousends of tracks, and check how they end and beging or how i can mix them and loop or take samples and ideas, i have to do it inside mixxx, and not inside itune or other music catalogue software. they might sound fine, but not when you try.

For me main toool is the Player, MIXXX

Thank you