Read controller values when opening Mixxx

Can Mixxx read the values of my controller’s sliders and knobs when it opens so I don’t have to adjust them all individually every time I start up Mixxx to get them to match?

Sorry if this topic has already been covered but I couldn’t find anything with the search terms I was using.

That’s up to your controller. Some controllers implement a way to do this, but unfortunately some don’t. What controller do you have?

It’s a Yahorng M120SC (or AVE EzyMix among possibly many other names depending on who sold it to you). It’s old and no one has it but it was packaged with Virtual DJ 6 LE which is able to get all the values matching on startup.

Then install a midi monitoring tool, start VirtualDJ and find out what midi command VirtualDJ sends to your controller to request the current state. Then add that message to your mixxx controller mapping.

Was searching all kinds of search terms to find something like that but had no luck. Googled MIDI monitor and got one instantly. Thanks!

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I’m not having any luck with figuring out how to get output mapping working (for both this problem and my controller LEDs) and I can’t find anything that looks like what I’m after in the Mixxx manual or wiki. Could you point me to the correct documentation on it?

Inside the Mixxx WIKI there is a Reverse Engineering page that explains a few different ways to find and analyse traffic between DJ software and controller.