Record/Broadcast input

I’m currently feeding an input into Mixxx via “line in” and using the input for it on Microphone, to broadcast to Shoutcast input out of a mixer. There seems to be a problem (I’ve now tried two versions of Mixxx, and they both do this) where if the Mic is enabled for an extended period (it looks like it’s a few hours) then it starts to get very choppy.

I just noticed that there’s a “Record/Broadcast” option for input. How does that work? Would that allow me to do what I’m doing now, but without using the “Mic” controller? Where is the level for this input controlled?

Ideally, I just need to take the Line in on the computer, and broadcast it to the streaming service. Preferably with level control, but I can control that on the mixer if I have to do that instead.

Appreciate any input that you can give me on this. Thanks in advance.

If you are using Mixxx only to broadcast (i.e. for nothing else), then I would suggest you to get other kinds of software. From simply using Winamp and the shoutcast plugin, to packages like OBS, it’s all up to you.

If you actually use Mixxx, then yes, the Record/Broadcast option was implemented in order record or broadcast the sound mixed on an external mixer, instead of the internal Mixxx mixer.

This volume cannot be controlled, since it is expected that either you control it on the mixer or at most on the soundcard mixer. There was a bug and you need at least Mixxx 2.2.4 to use this setting if you need it for broadcasting.

Also, what you describe suggest that you are using more than one soundcard in this setup. This is not recommended precisely because these kind of problems can appear.
It might help if you change the clock from “soundcard clock” to “network clock” also in the audio preferences. Test and see if it works better or worse.

Thanks. Yes, working perfectly now.

I have Mixxx running on two different systems. One is the primary mixer for broadcasting (Internet-only station) and the other is to an over-the-air station that is now also being broadcast over the Internet. This broadcast-only option was for the second system, taking the input from the external mixer.

Thanks for the help.