Record input level

2.3.0 beta 64-bit Windows 10


Is there any way to monitor the recording/stream levels (ie VU meter)?


No there is no other metering than the Master out.

Recording/stream levels will only be different than master out if you are using the “broadcast/recording input”.
This setup only applies when using an external mixer, and is to be expected that you have levels there.



Yes this is exactly what I’m trying to do. I use an SL3 with external mixer and DVS.

Yes, my mixer has a meter, but that measures the analog voltage level. What is needed is a dBFS meter on the input to measure the digital signal being recorded / streamed.

At the moment, the workaround is to do a test recording, then check the level. This allows me to calibrate my mixer level.

It would be possible to add this meter in software. However, the trouble with adding a software meter is that it can’t show you if the signal has already been clipped at the audio interface input. So it is better for the audio interface to show metering.

Can you explain this limitation a little more? I don’t understand.

If the analog signal is clipped in the process of converting it to digital, there is no way to tell from the digital signal that it was clipped.

Would you not see a bunch of 0 dB values? Assuming when you say clip you mean digital clipping.

If you are taking about analog clipping, yes. But I want to know the digital level for broadcast.