Reduce Height of Library interface?

Hi everyone,

I’m trying my hands again on this.
I have a tablet with which I would like to try to play around with.

I’ve been able to adjust the resolution and the screen scale factor (found in the help), but I was curious to know if I could change the height of the library.

The problem I have on my screen is that the library takes way more space than the console commands, which makes the buttons very small. By being able to adjust the library’s height and reduce it, I will greatly gain in tactile control. Does anyone know how to adjust this?

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In the LateNight, Deere, and Tango skins you can drag the bar under the waveforms to resize them. This can free more space for the library.

Mixxx is not designed for screens smaller than laptops. It is in the long term plans, but we’re well aware the design isn’t great for tablet use.

Thanks for the answer!

I am actually unable to drag the bar at the top of the library. I can’t make the commands bigger then, that’s my issue.

I’ve been trying to search for skins that may consider this, but I’m having trouble finding the way to get them.

The bar is not at the top of the library; its below the waveforms.

I see. It does not affect the size of the control buttons though.

No, it does not. You could hide buttons you don’t need in the skin settings. The Tango skin has options to hide just about anything. You can set the QT_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTORS environment variable to shrink the whole GUI and increase the font size of the library in the preferences to compensate if you need to.

that requires changing the xml files which compose the skin.
see Change an existing skin

In the skin directory of your choice, find the toolbar.xml or topbar.xml, then change the buttons’ sizes as you like (usually set by the <Size> node).

Thank you!! Will take a look.

Hi there. I think you should adjust the timeline clip appearance, display and text size in the settings of your tablet. Changing the default interface in Preferences > Decks > Deck options can help you solve this problem. But it is true that mixxx does not support screens that are smaller in size.