Reinstalling Sound Drivers Broke Mic and Headphones

Hi guys,
SO I have my Microphone ran thru an external LOOPSTATION and have it selected under MIC

Always worked great

I have an USB SOUNDCARD I use to run my headphones (for previewing tracks)
Always worked great

I was having another issue and i ran the Windows Audio Troubleshooter
It “reisntalled” audio drivers.

Now MIXX can see the LOOPSTATION & Soundcard. I can select them both but neither works.

Mic is silent

Headphones Silent

Ive tried reinstalling mixxx… nothing, I’ve tested both devices with other applications and they work fine. I can output anything thru this USB soundcard…
but Select that soundcard under MIXXX and it just does nothing. allows me to select… and is silent.

Yeah good Luck you guys lol Ive about given up. Really hoping I dont need to swap to a different program cause I have several gigs coming up ; ;

windows magic…
maybe try to reinstall the drivers manually? choose ASIO if available for your soundcards.

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I chose it but it just selects ASIO for every output and input

I read that I would need a

I googled this and came up with nothing… :frowning: How do I “choose ASIO if available for your soundcards.” ?

You could use system restore and set it back before the driver update
When you test your mic in Skype everything works well?

ASIO is a fast sound API and the preferred choice in preferences > spund hardware > sound API

look for drivers for your sound cards and check if there is an ASIO version available.
there’s also Asio4All, but since I’m not a Windows pro you need to find out yourself

ASIO4ALL is not helpful except for using multiple audio interfaces simultaneously.

well, @gigasec mentioned the loop station + external sound card.

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PC says I have no restore points
… I tried

look for drivers for your sound cards

Googled the name of my soundcard and ASIO DRIVER and nothing comes up.

I’m going to learn Virtual DJ for now, A friend gave me a copy.
I have a gig tomorrow and nothing is working.

any help is still appreciated

What sucks is everything was working perfectly for 10 months and just one day stopped.
I don’t want to do a crazy workaround to make something work that should just work.

Every other program I have can SEE and USE my headphones and MIC except MIXXX now… I don’t know why it just became stupid but Id love to know because I love using it and I don’t want to stop.

did you try another sound API in the preferences?
or reset to defaults, or clear everything manually in Sound Hardware, then start over?

The only API that works and restored the headphones and Mic is WDM KS which is great but it breaks all other sound on my PC

It makes mixxx work properly but it takes over all sound from my PC. Nothing has sound after I turn on WDM KS and I literally have to restart my pc to get its sound back…

They should make it where mixxx can use an API but it doesn’t change the API for the entire pc. it needs a restart to get my sound back for youtube and stuff which is awful.

I have spent HOURRRSS on this now, I am so frustrated.

Few weeks back i helped a DJ with a “breaking” voice in Mixxx.
When using other software the mic worked great, i changed the settings to MME and that did the trick for her.
You didnt answer me the Skype question.
That will tells me if its a Mixx problem or your windows is messed up
And then its better to repair Windows

So, yes Skype is unable to properly use this mic either

it can see my webcam mic and my other mixer and it can see the LOOPSTATION ( what I use for mic with mix) But same thing… It selects and the mic is silent… just black dots where there should be a signal.

it seems true that WINDOWS fucked up a driver or something cause MIXX saw and used my MIC AND HEADPHONES fine 2 days ago.

I’m afraid to reinstall windows or anything cause ill lose so much,… I just had an issue with mixxx last month and did a full reinstall and lost every crate and playlist I build for months.

I can try to repair but I just know its gonna mess something up.

Im sorry Im just super upset and im losing so many hours trying to fix…

Mixxx doesn’t change your system sound, it may just oick any availble sound API. Something else with your system config is screwed up if you ask me.

Before doing a full Mixxx wipe & reinstall (which is likely not fixing the root cause anyway) take a look at
Mixxx: backup-settings-and-database
If your sound config is the reason and you can’t recover with usual measures you may simply delete soundconfig.xml, see

No I tried a reinstall and nothing. Also tried deleting the .xml and nothing

Its Windows settings, You are right i’m afraid.

I just don’t know how or where to fix the windows thing that got messed up.

Appreciate the ideas.

Have you tried ‘roll back’ or updater driver in Windows Device manager. (Windows key, type device manager, look for the devices probably under USB but maybe under Sound controllers )

Things often appear in rollback that restore doesn’t trap.

Do one at a time and test it.

If you post the precise make and model of the two devices, it might help. Google search is good, but sometimes site specific searches can discover things.