Reloop Beatmix 2/4 mapping

Here is my mapping for the Reloop Beatmix 2 / Reloop Beatmix 4

Just download the zip file, put the two files in your Mixxx/controllers directory and select Reloop Beatmix 2/4 as your mapping.

Edit 2016-08-15: Updated to version 1.2 with:

  • Improved sampler mapping
  • Improved Jog Wheel leds while playing and scratching
  • Numerous small bug fixes

Edit 2016-08-18: Updated to version 1.3 with:

  • sync each item on the controller with Mixxx at launch

Edit 2016-08-19: Updated to version 1.3.1 with :

  • fix nex/prev effect button release
  • improve superknob responsiveness

Edit 2016-08-22: This mapping has been included in Mixxx source code so it will be installed with mixxx 2.1 when release. I leave it here for users of older Mixxx versions, up to 2.0.
Reloop Beatmix 2-4 (12 KB)