Reloop Digital Jockey 2 Controller Edition

Dear all,

I did a lot of work to map the “Reloop Digital 2 Jockey” this week-end for Mixxx 1.7.x. The mapping hasn’t finished but will be provided to you as an attachment shortly. There will also be a separate mapping to be used with Mixxx 1.8.



Hi all,

I am happy to announce a new controller mapping for the “Reloop Digital Jockey 2 Controller”. It has been tested with Mixxx 1.7.x on Windows. Feel free to test it and report any bugs or comments here.

I’ll update and extend my mapping for Mixxx 1.8 soon! (4.21 KB)

Just additional: I’ve tried Interface Edition with Ubuntu 9.10 + 2.6.32 kernel, and I can confirm, that everything works perfectly out of the box.

Hey cadeirn,

I am glad to hear that my mapping works with Mixxx 1.7.2. Have you tested it on Windows, Mac or Linux?

Some of the Digital Jockey 2 controls haven’t been mapped yet, namely the FX and the bitch bend controls (rate_temp_down,rate_temp_up). For Mixxx 1.8 have already extended the mapping file. Looping and bitch bend controls have been implemented, however, some tweaking is still necessary to get scratch control perfectly working.

I am really looking forward to Mixxx 1.9 where n-deck functionality will be (hopefully) implemented. The Reloop Digital Jockey 2 has been tailored to Tracktor Pro and thus your’re able to control 4 decks. As far as I know, most low-cost controller are restricted to 2 decks. That’s why I decided to buy Reloop Digital Jockey 2. Anyway, I will definitely extend the mapping to support 4-decks in future. On the other hand, I won’t map the FX controls since Mixxx has only poor support at the moment. But this hopefully changes in GSoC 2010.

Hey GlobalPlayer!

Ubuntu is a linux :wink:
I’ve tested it on 1.8 Beta 1, and though it is clear, that not everything is working, but your code is also clearly readable, so if I ever manage to map the new additions of 1.8, I’ll post it.

Dear all,

attached you’ll find an updated version of the Reloop Digital Jockey 2 mapping for Mixxx 1.8.x. Pitch Bend and looping has been implemented. Please post any comments, ideas, bugs or wishes here.


Digital Jockey 2 for Mixxx (4.53 KB)

Hey man. Looks good. I wanted to suggest possibly using the new scratch behavior in trunk for your mapping so you can avoid the whole playPostion hack: … scratching

i have the reloop digital jockey 1,
but, i’m too stupid to tweak a good mapping.
it would be great if someone could help me or do this job for me??? :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:

I just bought a Reloop Digital Jockey 2 Interface Edition which I want to use with mixxx.
I started using the mapping provided in this thread (thank you very much GlobalPlayer!) and expanded it a little, as some function I’d like were missing.
In detail, here’s what I did (button naming according to Reloop manual):
[+] added “Pitch Bend+/-” on buttons B11
[+] added “FX on” on buttons B29
[C] changed direction of pitch faders B10 to let it match the printing on the unit

map the flanger control knobs to buttons B26

Attached you’ll find my modified mapping (created and tested on Debian Linux for Mixxx 1.7.2)

Edgar (4.46 KB)

Thanks for your contribution. For Mixxx 1.7.x, this is a real improvement.You’re welcome to extend my mapping for Mixxx 1.8.x. Pitch Bend and looping is already implemented.

BTW: Why you changed the direction of the pitch faders? I know that “down” usually increases speed but this behaviour can be changed in Mixxx preferences under the item “Interface”. There’s no need to code that in a static way :slight_smile:

I will be testing this mapping, thanks in advance!

unfortunately mixxx 1.8x is not available in Debian archive and I didn’t want to compile on my own, therefore I’m just stuck to 1.7.x, although especially the looping would interest me. Is this a new feature of 1.8.x or would it be possible to backport this in a 1.7.mapping?

Regarding the fader directions, I found the option to change them in mixxx gui later than the definition in the XML, therefore I changed it there :wink:. Would have liked more to have a new printing on the console, as I’m used to “up increases speed”, but this was easier :wink:

Best regards,

You can download a deb file for Mixxx 1.8 Beta 2 from here
This package works for Ubuntu but maybe also for Debian.

Looping is a new feature of 1.8x and thus the mapping for 1.8.x won’t work in 1.7.x and below. A backport is not possible.

It would be great for Mixxx users if we could get some documentation of our mappings on the wiki, one page per controller, with documentation of how to use the controller with each existing mapping.

I’ve started out by making a page for the RMX

Please consider documenting this controller as well and link it from hardware compatibility page If you copy from existing pages it’s not too much work.


I updated the Reloop Digital Jockey 2 Controller Edition midi mapping in Mixxx 1.8.1.
What’s new?

  • scratch jog-mode reimplemented
  • search jog-mode implemented
  • pitch bend jog-mode implemented
  • fx-on button support

Developed and tested on Windows.

I hope, it will be useful.

Sandor (5.13 KB)

Hey sandor.ivicsics,

I’ve never had time to implement your improvements, so thanks for your great work on the mapping. It will be included in Mixxx 1.9.

Your extensions work well for me, too. To make the mapping complete for 1.9, I’ve implemented ‘key lock’ support. As of version 1.9, you can set key lock for each deck separately. That said, the Reloop is one of the most completest mappings in Mixxx.

Thanks to both of you. Tobias added the updates to the Mixxx 1.9 repository so it’ll be a part of the 1.9 beta and 1.9.0 final.


I updated the midi mapping script:
What’s new:

  • pitch bend mode:
    if playing, jogwheel-moves set rate_temp_up/rate_temp_down
    if not playing, jogwheel-moves set playposition in small steps (new)
    reason for changing the old behavior: precise cue point setting
  • search mode:
    if playing, jogwheel-moves set fwd/back (new)
    if not playing, jogwheel-moves set playposition in large steps
    reason for changing the old behavior: setting playposition while playing causes “sound-crash”

Please, test it!

Sandor (5.95 KB) (5.75 KB)

Here my controller mapping one week after buying the DJ2. I was missing some functionalities so I added them myself: (5.13 KB)

Pitchfaders: properly implemented now with 10-bit resolution. They were kind of screwed up.

Sync: resets pitch to 0 (the pitchfaders are a little imprecise around 0 and I don’t use the sync-function)

Trax knob (turn): added shift-functionality. When pressing shift, you can use it to scroll through your playlists, crates etc.
Trax know (press): Load track into next free deck or open folder (in “browse”)

Jog wheels:
I tried to resemble CDJ-behavior. When not in search or scratch mode the jog wheels will perform a slight temporary pitchbend so they can be used for beatmatching. When the track is paused, they can be used to finetune the cuepoint.
When in search mode, the jog-wheels will skip through the track wether the song is playing or not.
I didn’t change anything in the scratch mode behavior.

Load A + Load B: Won’t work anymore, if a song is playing in the according deck. You don’t want to turn off the currently running song accidentally when performing live :wink:

There are still lots of unmapped controls (including shift!) and I do not really have an idea what to do with them yet, so suggestions are very welcome!


Hey Jones,

thanks for your contribution. Is your mapping based on sandor.ivicsics latest version?

I have not had time to review the mappings. But I will include them in prospective releases, if they work for me, too.

Do not care about unmapped controls. The mapping is complete in a sense that it provides all features Mixxx has. Shift will we useful for Mixxx > 1.10 where we plan to support 4 decks. Pressing SHIFT1+PLAY could start playing deck 3 or 4 respectively.