Reloop Jockey 3 Remix mapping

Hi all,

I’ve started working on a mapping for the Reloop Jockey 3 Remix. I’ve started with the mapping for the Jockey 3 Master Edition, but it’s sufficiently different that it needs a fair amount of work. I’ve got most of the basic functionality working well, and am moving on to some of the more controller-specific functionality.

One of the things that the Remix is supposed to support is scratching of sample decks. Looking at the documentation here 16.5. Mixxx Controls — Mixxx User Manual it looks like scratching of sample decks is intended to be supported; however, if I look at the underlying code for engine.scratchEnable here mixxx/controllerscriptinterfacelegacy.cpp at 9b9fbaafc404f8cfc822f64d356ed3c37e8778c1 · mixxxdj/mixxx · GitHub it uses PlayerManager::groupForDeck, which means it can only support scratching a standard deck?

So I guess a couple of questions right now:

  1. Is there a reason that scratching sample decks is not currently possible through engine.scratchEnable? Was it possible at one point but support has since been dropped?

  2. Is it worth me submitting a PR to add engine.scratchxxx functions taking group names (as that’s what gets used internally anyway)?


I don’t know about the scratch limitations, but I know it’s worth submitting a PR for the mapping itself : )

Hi ronso - it’s not ready for prime-time yet, but will when it is more complete!

I really encourage you to open the PR as soon as possible to receive valuable code feedback (instead of having to adapt to comments later on when you’re ‘finished’).
Another benefit of PRs is that you can make use of the automatic code checkers from the pre-commit framework.
See Contributing Mappings · mixxxdj/mixxx Wiki · GitHub for details

Also, it happens very often that people get distracted or lack the free time to finish the mapping and never post it. The leads to duplicate work become other people with the same controller have to start from scratch.