Reset pitch time?

Is tere a way to reset the pitch slider (by right clicking the slider or using a mapped controller button) more slowly, like maybe 5000 - 10000ms?

Hej @deeprime
Did I get it right: you want the ‘reset’ action not to be instantly but kind of slowly fading back to default/center?

You could write a script function that reads the current value and moves the fader back to center in small steps.

Yes! That’s exactly what I need.
However the script thingy is bad news, I have no idea how to even attempt that. I’m not a coder and far from it.

I was kinda hoping this was built in but hidden in preferences and I was to stupid to find it.

This should definitely be a feature. Even VDJ 7 had this.

Please file a bug report at then.

Until this is implemented you could simply use the scroll wheel to get back somewhere near the center, then right-click.