Reset your password to log in to old phpBB forum account

If you had an account on the old phpBB forum, reset your password so you can log in. Discourse has different rules for allowed passwords, so you might need to choose a different password than what you used for phpBB.

If you no longer have access to the email address you used to register on the old phpBB forum or can’t reset your password here for any other reason, email me at or send me a private message on the old phpBB forum.

I did a kind of account restoration, as mentioned in this post, but I can’t get control of my old posts.

How do I get the options to edit or delete my migrated posts?

I did a kind of account restoration as mentioned in this post, but I can’t have full control of my posts migrated to this server, why?
How do I regain full control of my posts, such as editing or deleting posts?

It looks like you’ve registered 2 accounts. I only see old posts associated with jhonn so I suggest using that account. I am not sure why you can’t edit your old posts, but you should still be able to reply to them.

I don’t know if you have the ability to delete user posts but you would do me a great favor if you deleted my two posts:

I plan to improve their structure and republish them at least so I will regain control of what I do.

I already have a backup.

Sure, I deleted those posts.

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no idea what my most recent account was, did the thing, ended up with this old account from literally 2012. I deserve a cookie for being around that long!

anyway can I get my display name changed please
haven’t used “alphabet tour” as my stage name since… well… 2012.

You can set your own display name in your user preferences. Or you can make a new account if you want.