RoundCorners Skin

I think my skin is in a workable state now, so make a download and have fun with MIXXX.

Bugs and feature request:

A 4-deck full-featured and resizable skin for MIXXX.



  • Resizable
  • 4 Decks
  • 4 Sampler Decks
  • 4 Effect Racks
  • 2 Aux Inputs
  • 2 Microphone Inputs
  • Master BPM Clock
  • Stacked Waveforms
  • Advanced Markers (HotCue/FadeIn/FadeOut…)
  • Large UI elements for touch devices (untested)
  • Each device has its own settings menu
  • Modular folder and file structure for easy customization
  • Styled with vector graphics and qss/css


  • the last version of MIXXX from the master branch
  • a minimum display resolution of 1024 x 768 (XGA – standard)

Copyright © 2015-2018 22degrees

Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.

Hej 2degrees,

you incorporated some really nice features in this skin!
I like the waveforms cut in half for opposite decks you showed in the screenshot (unfortunately they look different in the github version), as well as the Settings overlay for each block in the skin.

It looks like you designed this skin on something like a 1600x900px screen, so it’s really hard for me to use most important features at the same time on my 1366x768 screen, like 2 decks with stacked waveforms, expanded Fx section and the library of course.

If you like I can give you a more detailed review.

Hi ronso,

thank you for your feedback.

You said, the waveforms look different in the github version.
I hope I understood correctly, here two explanations:

  1. The screenshot shows all usable elements fully expanded. Not all elements can be used at the same time e.g. the waveforms. (Only once per channel, stacked on top or in the deck). The screenshot was made from several snippets and merged together.
  2. I use “Filtered - Software” for the waveform and overview.

I agree, with your setup it will also be tight on my display (1680x1050).
The skin was primarily designed for larger displays. The monitor on my dj desk has a resolution of 1920x1080 but the skin runs also on my netbook with 1024x768 (of course with functional limitations :laughing: ).

Sure, if you have the time and desire for a detailed review. The skin is work in progress but nothing will change at the proportions in the near future. Sorry!
I have to solve other problems first. Later it will be easy to create other dimensions, I think.

Hi 22degrees,

Personally, I think your skin is best, unfortunately I can not use your skin because the function (Navigation Control) on the MIDI controller (Behriner CMD Micro) does not work. Hope it comes soon an update :wink:

Hi Doktor Avalanche,

thank you for your kindly feedback. I have made some small improvements.
Maybe your problem has been fixed as well.
If the problem persists then please fill a bug report.

I love this skin!!

There are some things I would like to add… or have added. I am a novice to MIXXX skin building so I will prolly ask a bunch of silly things as I proceed.

But there is one thing that needs a fix now and I am sure it is simple. When you right-click a song title and then choose Crates, the side menu comes up with blackish text on a black background which makes it next to unreadable.

Point me in the right direction, and I can prolly fix it myself. Try as I might I can not find where the menu is defined.

Thank you for this wonderful skin,


Mixxx 2.1.1

“The selected skin can not be loaded”


EDIT: Nevermind, it was a permissions error. For some reason it had been give 700, changed to 755 and skin loads OK. :slight_smile:

Isn’t it rather strange to have to have Vinyl Control visible to see the crossfader? Especially as anybody using vinyl control wont be using the software crossfader, but will be running through an external mixer!

Great skin for people who want/need more cues and markers though! :slight_smile:

I just wanted to say thanks for this awesome skin… I really like the flat interface and color scheme!
Forked :wink:

Hi 22degrees,

thank you very much for this absolutely stunning skin. It’s very clean and I also like the flat look design.

I love the flexibility of customizing which parts are visible. I am running a 2xDVS system on a small 1024x768 screen with external mixer and it all works great for this (e.g. switching Decks on/off to see enough of the library). Next I will try to customizing my midi controller, but still fighting with computer optimization first.

well, just wanted to say thanks and great work! :slight_smile:



You could also set the sampler so that the track automatically reloads. I haven’t found any settings yet