Sampler size increase for better functionality

Why are the samplers so small on all the skins, with no option to increase them in size to a decent amount? With the main tune playing through the master channel, I’d like to load another tune into the sampler and manually choose from the waveform the section I want sampling and repeating at the press of a button. But the samplers, their waveforms and their buttons are far too small to be able to manipulate properly.
The best set up is 2 decks and a decent sampler which has its own window that can be pre fader listened to.
At the moment my controller’s sampler function wasted.
I can’t code or do any of that magic, so I’m a bit stuck. I find myself looping bits of tunes here and there on deck 2 to create that sampler effect, when really I want the sampler as a 3rd deck that is called upon when I press the relevant controller buttons on my MixTrack Pro 3
Cheers guys

Samplers are not prepare decks.
Load the sample track to a regular deck and prepare it there (set the main Cue point)
drag to sampler, play

Hi, so say if I just want to sample 4 seconds of let’s say a 5 minute track, are you saying if I set a 4 second loop on deck 2 whilst deck 1 is playing, and then drag this loop into the sampler it will sample just the part I want everytime I press sample button 1 on my controller?
I know there are sample packs about, but I’m talking about doing it on the fly by cutting sections of existing songs and using these. It may just be a drum loop or voice sample that helps the transition from one tune to another. I mix old skool rave, so you can imagine all the little voice and drum samples I’m talking about.

nope I’m not saying that.
Though there’s a request for exactly that feature: Bug #878549 “Allow export of loop from deck to sampler.” : Bugs : Mixxx
For now, the only way is to cut out the sample, save it as separate file and load it to a sampler (which you can repeat indefintely)

Basically samplers are regular decks with special controls, and minimal control set to change the Cue point.