Scratching on Numark Party Mix

Hi guys. I saw how djs are scratching and it’s not look like how can I am. Because they can scratch when track is playing. They just touch a dj contoller and they can scratch. When they remove fingers from jog, track continue playing. I mean scratch button on Numark Party Mix working not so good that I wanted. When I remove fingers from jog, track is not playing. I need to turn scratch button off to make track playing again. It’s uncomfortable. Is there ways to do scratch on Numark Party Mix like I want?

I use Rylito’s mapping if it’s necessary.

The pads on Numark Party Mix are not touch sensitive, like most other controllers, so you need to press the button.

I understand. But I tried Serato and there I can do typically what I want. Jogs are not touch sensitive, but when they are spinning, song stops playing and I can scratch. Then song’s continue playing and all is ok.

Is it possible in mixxx?