Scratching with timecode Vinyl

I want to use a Serato timecode Vinyl for Scratching.
When I spin the record back, the Audiotrack doesnt move so far backwards as I suggest.
Its like, when I want to scratch one beat I have to spin back a Audio Vinyl 1/8 round and with the timecode record I have to spin back 1/2 round for one beat.

Is it possible to change a value for making it ‘faster’ or the the length shorter?

What if I change the playback speed after ripping vinyl data? To work with vinyl, you need special equipment that allows you to change the speed of the track and mix songs.

You can set this in the preference:

Check that 33rpm is selected, which is the standard for scratching

Thank you so far!
Ive tried 33,3 and 45 rpm, but this was not succesfull.
When Im scratching, the signal view turns from green to orange and sometimes red. Ive turned
the aplification, signal boost, low and high. Is this normal, or do I have to adjust something?

The color of the signal view is onlly green at stable rpm, not while scratching. This is normal.

Compare with the pictures in the manual: 8. Vinyl Control — Mixxx User Manual

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is your incoming timecode signal level loud enough - just brainstorming on possible solutions. Do you see a nice big green circle in the menu above (and do you have a phono pre-amp on your input)? (it works pretty perfect on my side - using a TraktorA6 soundcard with 48kHz and 10ms latency) - using the Version2 Serato vinyls.
also try to other side - one side is made for 33RPM and the other for 45RPM

With Serato Side B I have a red circle only.
With Side A the circle is green. When I turn the amplification up, the circle transforms to a square.
Scratching works, but not like scratching a real audio vinyl. I only wanted to test how it feels using timecode Records.

I think the green circle above looks good, if it’s like this your signal should be fine.
When you say it doesn’t feel right, is it that you have a lot of delay/latency? (this is a sound-card issue and needs some tweaking depending on the type of computer you are using - e.g. on Linux you want RT-IRQ enabled, also 48kHz usually give better results than 41kHz);
or is the problem that it doesn’t really follow the input?

do you have a phono input or line-output from your turntable? (or a phono-pre-amp between the phono output and the line-input, as the frequencies need to be shifted from phono to line somewhere, beside the amplification)

Sorry that havent posted my setup.
I have a Mac Mini and a hercules MK3 Console.
I thought 41khz would be better for the latency.
Scratching works good, but not good as scratching on vinyl. Could I manipulate the distance, moving length of the audio? Like 1/3 more distance of the audio than the vinyl. I think the midi script for the jogwheel has something like that.