scripting a two deck to a 4 deck

I have a ddj wego and am using one of the scripts from this forum, but i was never completed. (I realllly appreciate the work that was done though!) I want to be able to use the deck toggle buttons but I cant understand the scripting instructions. If anyone knows any common pitfalls help me please! I’ll post the results.
What I understand so far is that

  1. In the xml the deck toggle buttons connect with the deck toggle function.
  2. All the buttons need to be connected to a script of them having an alternate channel.
  3. There’s a lot of script inbetween that I assume handles leds and the mechanics of switching.

I guess with 2 I’m not sure how to script the buttons so that they work.
and 3 has lots of unknown unknowns. Can anyone help me understand how to do this. There’s not much online except for the one mixxx wiki page.

I’ve been working on my script latel, was looking for feedback.

I basically coped as needed from the pioneer sb script but quickly found it wasnt that close… there are a bunch of undocumented controls too, i’m trying to replicate as close as possible the functionality from their initial setup with virtual dj.

any updates on this?