Search song: typing with midi stepper-wheel? (without keyboard)

Hi Everyone,
I am making good progress with the DN-HC1000S Midi Mapping/Scripting. I want to have a mouse and keyboard free setup (it should not feel like a PC), so my question is:

Is it possible to use a Midi stepper wheel input (it gives 1 if turned to the right and -1 if turned to the left) to step through the alphabet and type like this into the library song-search field?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

This sounds interesting, but it’s not possible with Mixxx right now.

Sending keystrokes via MIDI is not implemented, though that could be a nice feature.
As easy as it may sound, the low-level typewriter you suggest is a complex feature with rather limited use cases so I doubt anyone would spend time on implementing that. Plus it had to not conflict with all standart functions of the search box.

Also, the search box will get new features in Mixxx 2.4: up/down keys scroll through all previous search terms, press Enter to confirm. We still have to figure out if and how to make those queries persist across restarts. If that works you could simply prepare the queries you need most and reload them later on with Up/Down (turn encoder cw/ccw) and Enter (encoder press).

For now, is a (small) touch screen an option for you? Most OS (when properly configured) would enable you could tap into the searchbar to bring up a on-screen keyboard.

Another idea is to build an additional tiny “controller” which is a poject of it’s own, but maybe sparks other ideas: there are tiny Arduino microboards (1"x1") that can be programmed to act as USB keyboard. Add a turn/press encoder and transate its input signal to key presses or key combos. This could allow you to bring up any on-screen keyboard, navigate the key rows with left/right turns and confirm with press, and also hide the keyboard. You could also code more complex behaviour like long presses, press-and-turn etc.
If you like that route but don’t want to built it yourself then there are ready-made solutions like the Surface Dial, or other ‘USB volume controller’

Hi Ronso,
thank you very much for your detailed answer and explanations.

yes, I can use a small keyboard (or also my touchscreen keyboard) in the meantime. It was mostly a nice-to-have thought :slight_smile:
thanks a lot! :smiley:

if you have a touch screen I wouldn’t bother with entering text with a clunky encoder.
does the keyboard pop up if you tap inside the search box?


well, I have a very small screen (around 7" or 8" or so) running Ubuntu. I like to run Mixxx in fullscreen, the keyboard doesn’t pop-up automatically, I need to select it in the OS user interface - but I didn’t explore - maybe there is a better setup or different linux skin which works better.

thank you! :slight_smile:

thanks again ronso, following your suggestion I played around with the Ubuntu20 with Mate-Desktop and tweaked the ‘onboard’ virtual screenkeyboard settings. I now got it working - even if I am in Mixxx in Fullscreen Mode; the keyboard will pop-up and auto-hide when I click outside of the search field.

thanks again! :smiley:

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Great to hear!

Do you mind sharing the steps to make it work?
That would help others, and I think we should then include instructions on the mixxx manual.

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Hi Ronso,
so it took a while, because I wasn’t really happy with the on-screen keyboard in ubuntu Mate - it never was reliable and didn’t work in full-screen.
I’ve ditched the whole thing and found a much better way.

Basically, I am using GDM as display manager, Gnome as desktop running ontop of archlinux. Then I installed some Gnome-Extensions: swipe keyboard Slide for Keyboard - GNOME Shell Extensions
extended onscreen keyboard:
Improved Onscreen Keyboard - GNOME Shell Extensions

so now if I need the keyboard I just swipe from the bottom up and there it is.

known issue - this onscreen keyboard doesn’t work well for the GDM login screen (the enter and backspace button don’t work)

I’ve also made a full ready made image for Odroid XU4 (see here)