Serato Timecode CD issues


I started to use mixxx to “rekordboxify” my old cdj and be able to play my club usb sticks.
However, I’m experiencing a few weird issues:
first of all, mixxx would always crash when accessing the rekordbox library without manually loading a track from the stick (already submitted the bug)

now the weird problem: the timecode cd doesn’t seem to start the loaded track a zero, but with about half a second offset. I downloaded the timecode file directly from Serato and also tried a couple of players, all with the same result. I also tried using it with virtual dj, but there seems to be the same time offset.
Is anyone experiencing the same problem? I’m still not sure wether this is a systemic error (maybe a wrong positional information coded to the bitstream), or if I fucked something up.
(It is not a latency problem, I’m just unable to cue on the first beat of a track because of that offset).
One workaround is to enter 1s lead-in time, which is unfortunately broken in 2.3. In 2.2 that works fine, but in 2.3 the value just drops immediately back to the default time (0s). The only way to get it working was to edit the lead-in time in the mixxx.cfg file.

But apart from that, great piece of free! software :slight_smile:

Rekordbox bug got fixed :smiley:

Is nobody using using a dvs with cds anymore these days?

This is uncommon nowadays, but we are using the Serato timecode WAV file to rewrite timecode decoding from scratch.

Haha, I know. Doesn’t make sense with all the newer cdj/xdjs. It’s probably just me, being too cheap to by an xdj700, when there are perfectly working cdj800/1000 out there :slight_smile:

Great news!

If I might leave this here as well, when you’re already in the thread…

Interesting… moving away from xwax?