Setting mixxx aside for the time being

I want to write this not to slam mixxx but to suggest some improvements from the perspective of an everyday DJ, the main thing that could overall be improved is the sound quality, unfortunately, it just does not sound as good as other options, it is not something one could put their finger on but it becomes apparent using it consistently and comparing to other solutions such as virtual DJ or Traktor, the other thing is more of a suggestion of something new is, is maybe have a pause button for the auto DJ you can press to temporarily pause it so when you go to do a voice over the next song doesn’t fade in on you. and once your done you can automatically resume the playlist, ill definitely give mixxx a try from time to time, I like the project and the concept, however, I can’t use it at this time

Could you be a bit more specific?
Do you refer to the sound when the pitch fader is centered?
Maybe try another sound API (if available)

Or is it the EQs? Just try another…

Or when you use pitch bending?
There are two enignes available for that – use Rubberband for better quality

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the overall sound engine could be tweaked a bit, in about a week ill do a sound comparison between several dj softwares I’ve used, I’m working this week but ill take one song and record directly 30 seconds for each software, just to give a better idea,


@DjBanana - I can maybe add one point regarding sound quality… The Mixxx output sounds a little flat compared to other DJ software because Mixxx doesn’t use Limiter and the likes by default. If you have commercial software running try to switch off the limiter, you may experience similar sound output. In Mixxx I use Calf plugins and put the Calf Limiter on one of the effect sections as you can see in picture below. The set up is not as easy though because the Parameter knobs don’t give any values - you have to setup by listening and the VU meters

Important is to get the FX section enabled for the master output, not the deck and keep the dry/wet knob to the wet signal only. As the limiter adds latency you may want to toggle the headphone signal also processed through the filters so it is always in line with master.

It is not as trivial but possible to get a richer sound by using limiter as well as a stable output level for your recording or streaming.


ill give that a shot

I would advice to use x42-dpl limiter instead of Calf one (if available on your OS).

If you want to know why there is an interesting video by unfa:

X42 is installed at my system too but not selectable from within mixxx. Several plugins are grayed out in preferences.

You’re right, Mixxx doesn’t support yet some features of it, I use it hosted in Carla.

x42-comp, which is a compressor is compatible with Mixxx though.

EDIT: It’s compatible on paper, when loading it emits a loud buzzing sound. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Anyway, the bottom line is most of the FOSS limiters apply different degree of distortion, the cleanest is x42-dpl, and I would still suggest to use it, in Carla (or another host) or when LV2 support in Mixxx will allow.

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There is a lot of work remaining to make Mixxx a good LV2 host. Currently only simple mono and stereo plugins are supported. If the plugin uses any LV2 features that Mixxx does not support, it is disabled. And of course Mixxx doesn’t support showing LV2 GUIs at all yet.


ill give that a look thank you

@Be0 @ronso I want to clarify I do appreciate all the work you guys put into this project, it may seem like I’m griping in my posts, that is not my intention, my intention is to give you the issues from a real-world perspective to make the project better.

I didn’t read it as griping, it’s in order to improve anything we first need to know what exactly you consider broken.

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would it be possible to add a limiter that can be disabled and adjusted at the output? making it optional would give the software greater flexibility

since you posted that video I’ve been binge-watching that gentleman channel ty, I’m still looking for an lv2 plugin that will work with windows, I eventually want to make the jump to Linux but for now, have to use windows 10

I’m experimenting with a setup in Carla, it has an “experimental features” where you can run JACK applications.
I launch Mixxx inside Carla and I put the effects, like a limiter, in the chain after it. In this way a I have a self contained Mixxx + limiter + whatever i want and I was able to remove, add, change position in the chain of different FXs on the fly, and I can save it as a Carla session.
Using a Mixxx FX slot for something that has to be on the final output (master) sounds like a waste for me, but hey, everybody has its own take.
I know many of you are thinking that is “too experimental” but I was able to run it for 2 hours without problems and trying to crash it I hadn’t managed to break it. MIDI controller works, everything was fine. :grinning:
Anyway I will test this kind of configuration more, and will report back if I will spot problems.

*Carla and JACK are available on Windows :tm: but I’ve no experience on how they works there.

I have tried to get Mixxx working with JACK on Windows. I got the JACK backend of PortAudio to build but I did not get it to show up as an option in Mixxx’s preferences. I have not looked into it further.

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