Setting up Mixxx with Skype and 2 soundcards


I’m using Mixxx quite along time now for DJ-ing on an internet-radio station.
Now I want to use Skype to do interviews with the listeners.
My setup is quite easy: Win 10, 2 soundcars (one build in (realtek HDA), the other is a Creative SB X-Fi). (see screenshot: in Dutch)

2020-06-15 (2).png

The mic is connected through my Behringer Xenyx 1002 FX mixer, which I connected to the line-input of the Creative SB.
Mixxx uses the Creative SB in-/output.

Now my simple thought was to let Skype use the build in card and use it as a secondary mic through my Behringer and connect in the line-input of the Realtek.

My system sees both audio-cards, but Mixxx and Skype only the Creative SB…
What should or could I do to make it work?


Nobody? :unamused:

I suggest you investigate “Jack Audio Connection Kit for Windows” to route audio from Skype to Mixxx.

The official Jack Audio site is

Mixxx will see different audio devices depending upon which sound API you are using. (Options-Preferences-Sound Hardware-Sound API) Each time you change the soud API, you will probably see different Input & output options under Output -Master, Headphones etc & Input-Microphone 1,2, 3,4 Aux 1,2,3,4 etc.
Skype may see different audio devices depending on whether you start Skype first or Mixxx first.
Personally, if I were to try interviews over Skype & pass the audio through to Mixxx I would run Skype on a separate computer & simply patch the output from that computer to the Mic/Line In on the Mixx computer or controller - but maybe that’s because all my computers are about 10 yrs old and I understand physical cables better than ephemeral internal audio routing.