Setup help for senior citizen

After 35 years on public radio, it has taken the isolation of Covid to record my shows at home and send them to the station for playback. Until now I have been using programs like Sound Forge which is good but lacks continuity. An innocent remark by a friend made me realise that since I only use 2 tracks (music files and microphone) DJ software would be the better alternative.

My problem: I am 73 and post-stroke. My technical ability is sadly reduced. I tried reading the manual but my brain complained.

What I want:
Can an experienced user hop onto Teamviewer, Anydesk or similar program of your choice and set up a template for me and configure the ‘ins & outs’?

Can you use Zoom? I think it can share desktops

Hi Owen,

The computer on which I will use Mixxx does not have a camera. What do I do?

Teamviewer not suitable? If you don’t have it, it’ll take 5 minutes to set up and is free to use.



I am downloading and setting up Zoom.




Zoom is set up. I’m at ‘share screen’. What do I enter to get you started?


Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon on Thinkpad T440p: dual core i5-4300, 64-bit, 8Gb RAM, 500Gb SSD

Mixxx 2.3.3 (from Mint Program Manager).

Hi Owen,
it’s midnight and I can’t stay awake. By all means make contact in 8 hours or more from now.
Peter Linu

Hi, no I can’t help immediately either. But we can schedule a time to mee. Can you send me your email address via private message? Click my name and there should be a “message” button in the upper right.

Jitsi is free software audio/video conferencing that supports screen sharing.

I am looking for recording simple radio shows just mp3 music and a microphone. I have been totally unable to achieve an acceptable solution and would be most interested in any solution proposed here.

The main problem is either latency or no ducking of mic input via separate audio mixer. No diagram of the io possibilities and limitations / advantages does not make understanding a simple possibility ( for us).

I hope you find a solution for this user and if you can share, please share with us too.

Many thanks

Have you seen Mixxx Setup to Broadcast Online Radio or Broadcast live on your Radio Station with Mixxx (Mac, Windows & Linux) on YouTube? You may find them useful.